Happy Palindrome Day! If you use the standard Month/Day/Year date format than today can be written the same forward and backward. Today’s #MorningBuzz is dedicated to all those brave palindromes out there that make the world stop and go, “Wow.” 


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What I’m Reading: Smarter, Faster, Better: Charles Duhigg

What I’m Listening to: The Temp Tats

What I’m Doing: Getting pumped as I am managing my first major arts/music festival here in 10 days.


Kansas Senate may vote to condemn Obama transgender restroom decree: On the last day of the legislature’s day it will attempt to pass a new resolution because nothing makes sense in Kansas anymore. Senate Majority Leader Terry Bruce said President Barack Obama “overstepped his bounds.” The state’s leading LGBT group will rally Wednesday at the Statehouse to oppose the resolution.

Young voter to D.C; we don’t need you: Morgan Bettes started her downtown music-promotion company 11 months ago armed with business savvy and a lot of hope. She’s not relying on government policy, nor the outcome of the November election, to give her much help. “I probably should be thinking about that, but I don’t,” said Bettes, who’s 27. Just like so many others in her generation. Unlike their parents, younger people don’t regard Washington – or their presidential votes next fall – as an important force behind their economic well-being.

Former Employees Call Trump University a “Façade” That “Preyed Upon the Elderly and Uneducated”: Hundreds of pages of documents in a class-action lawsuit against the now-defunct Trump University were unsealed Tuesday, revealing damning testimony from former employees. Trump, who was chairman of the for-profit school, had called the judge in the case a “hater” and a “Mexican, which is great .”

Georgian Neo-Nazis Throw Sausages at Vegans During Rick and Morty Screening: Guys, you can’t make this shit up. According to Buzzfeed, a screening of the Adult Swim series Rick and Morty at a vegan cafe in the country of Georgia was interrupted on Sunday when a group of neo-fascist skinheads entered and began throwing grilled meat, sausages and fish inside.




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