Summer is finally here! Yes, I know it’s the beginning of June but to me, it’s summer when the kids are dragging us to the pool several times a week and we’ve got our garden planted. Great memories are made in the summer. Today I’m going to share some of my favorites from when I was a kid. Welcome to the 90’s… #ThrowbackThursday

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What I’m Listening To– #ThrowbackThursday on Spotify.

What I’m Doing – Managing registration for an addiction and recovery conference.

What I want to know from you – What was your favorite 90’s toy or gadget?


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We’re Buzzin’

Watch Colorful Bursts of Commuters From Each U.S. County While the American commute may not be fun, this colorful new visual representation of it certainly is. In it, the Michigan-based data enthusiast Mark Evans uses Census data to show Americans’ work-related commutes as bursts of colorful dots, contracting into and expanding outwards from each county in the U.S.

Boston Bans ‘Self-Combusting’ Hoverboards From Transit Attention people who like riding little vehicles inside much larger, faster vehicles: Boston’s not the place for you. The MBTA just banned hoverboards due to a “string of recent injuries, fires and explosions” nationwide.

Can China’s Futuristic ‘Straddling Bus’ Finally Become a Reality? This would definitely make a bus commute much more enjoyable. Make sure you watch the video!

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90 4Upcoming

June 15 & 16 – GOVERNING Summit on Leadership & Innovation at Seelbach Hotel, Louisville KY

June 16 – Technology Efficiency Series: Trello  at anymeeting.com/elglwebinar

June 21 to 24 – Association of Washington Cities Conference  at Edward D. Hansen Conference Center, Everett WA

June 22 to 24 – WCMA & ILCMA Summer Conference at The Abbey, Fontana WI

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50 Nifty

Why Virginia’s Restoration of Voting Rights Matters

Massachusetts Lawmakers Poised To Send Gender Identity Bill To Governor

New York City’s Zoning Code, First in the Nation, Approaches its Centennial

This 84-Year-Old Rail Lover Is Pretty Thrilled About L.A.’s Expo Line Extension

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Local Gov Confidential

Americans Once Blamed Suburbs for Their Illnesses: Best #Cityreads of the Week

The Role of Cities in Preventing Crisis

Should Landlords Be Licensed? This is something that has been discussed off and on here in our small town with much debate.


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