Today’s Buzz is on the verge of melting but holds together with the collective faith of those huddled around air conditioners. In cooler news, Matt Damon gives a commencement speech, 100 are evacuated from the Oregon oil spill, and the non-environmental case for electric cars is made.


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70 percent of kids quit sports by age 13: The most common reason they give is “it’s just not fun anymore.” One parent argues that organized sports teach kids how to bounce back from failure and take calculated risks.

What Does It Mean to Be a Republican? Donald Trump’s surge has been anything but subtle. He climbed the polls throughout the primary season while his rivals exited the race one by one. His controversial rhetoric rarely made a dent on a campaign built on ardent, loyal supporters. And now, Trump’s candidacy is complicating the relationship between party identification and party allegiance within the GOP.

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Oil sheen spotted, 100 residents remain evacuated after Oregon oil train derailment: The federal environmental agency says crews contained the oil with protective booms and are continuing to investigate the source.

Muhammad Ali: ‘What’s My Name?’ The three-time world champion boxer Muhammad Ali has died. Current and former New York Times reporters and columnists talk about their memories of him and how he became an international icon.

That time Donald Trump said there were no Muslim American sports heroes: Muhammad Ali played many roles over the course of a life that sadly ended yesterday. High on the list are that he was an iconic boxing champion and probably the first American Muslim to be really widely known. Last December, President Obama made a glancing reference to Ali and other famous Muslim athletes like Kareen Abdul-Jabar and Shaquille O’Neal in a speech about ISIS and national security.

Matt Damon uses tech, sci-fi to deliver powerful message to MIT grads: One of Massachusetts’ native sons, Matt Damon, returned on Friday to deliver the commencement address to MIT’s graduating class and the university’s choice of speaker couldn’t have been more appropriate.

Tropical storm forming in Gulf, expected to hit Central Florida: A storm brewing in the Gulf of Mexico is projected to strengthen into a tropical cyclone this week and hit Central Florida, bringing rain as early as Sunday, forecasters say.


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Watch the Documentary ‘Cleveland: Confronting Decline in an American City’: In May, the documentary film “Cleveland: Confronting Decline in an American City” was made available in full on YouTube.

The Non-Environmental Reasons for a Massive Switch to Electric Cars: There are several practical reasons people will soon be switching to plugin electrical vehicles. Judging from past examples, the shift in consumer preference will be swift and decisive, catching car manufacturers by surprise.

How Will Partiers Travel Safely With D.C. Metro’s Late-Night Service on Hold? With late-night weekend service on hold as the Metrorail service commences its SafeTrack maintenance program, will partiers stay home or simply find new ways to get around?

Walmart makes some progress on ‘made-in-America’ pledge, but detractors remain skeptical: Some Wisconsin manufacturers are benefiting from Walmart’s pledge to buy more from American sources.

Impressive video shows why people shouldn’t drive on flooded roads: With all the rain the Houston are has been dealing with, flooded road and driving through water have just about become part of our daily routines.

Flood victim: ‘It smells of sewage and death’: For Sharai Poteet, the prospect of more rain means it’s time to move her chickens back up to the second floor of her Kingwood-area home.

Still up for discussion: Turn Astrodome into a water park: With the Astrodome sitting empty, Houston could easily have its own indoor island resort. It’s an idea so enticing that Harris County Judge Ed Emmett visited Tropical Islands resort in May 2015. The resort lies about 40 miles south of Berlin.