Community Technology Manager, Portland, OR

Community Technology Manager, Portland, OR

Salary: $7,356.00 – $9,796.00 Monthly

Closing: Fri. 06/17/16 4:30 PM Pacific Time


The Details

The Office for Community Technology (OCT) collects over $85 million of franchise and license revenue per year, builds community capacity and champions investments and public policy in a rapidly changing communications technology, utility and broadband landscape. OCT exercises the City’s authority over private use of the public rights-of-way by telecommunications, broadband, cable TV, and other utility companies and enforces the City’s utility license law to maximize revenues and public benefits.

city-of-portlandOCT also staffs the Mt. Hood Cable Regulatory Commission (MHCRC), a multi-jurisdictional governmental body. The OCT Manager is a position within the City of Portland Revenue Division, Bureau of Revenue and Financial Services, and directs an office of eight full-time staff.

The OCT Manager leads and facilitates strong partnerships – both within and outside City government – to create shared vision, strategies, initiatives and action plans for community communications technology and broadband infrastructure in tune with the unique and diverse needs of all communities. The OCT Manager works to ensure the public interest is considered and embedded in City, state and federal government policies related to communications technology, utility and broadband. The OCT Manager identifies and pursues strategic opportunities and performs highly complex responsibilities in developing, negotiating, and enforcing broadband, cable, telecommunications and utility franchises.

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