Today’s Buzz features the cost of sprawl, NC’s attempt to ban public access to police camera footage, and a $160 million proposed police precinct. Today’s Buzz celebrates Jonah Ryan’s bid for Congress and the funniest show on TV. Happy Friday!

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How Much Does Sprawl Cost American Commuters? More than $107 billion annually, or about $1,400 per commuter, a new analysis finds.

North Carolina Wants To Ban Public Access to Police Camera Footage: While some U.S. cities move toward releasing police footage for accountability and transparency, North Carolina heads in the opposite direction.

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50 Nifty

Arctic’s melting ice creates vicious warming circle: Arctic sea ice hit a record low in May as scientists discovered the first-ever link between melting ice in Greenland and a phenomenon known to warm the area faster than the rest of the Northern Hemisphere.

He had 8 Convictions for Driving Drunk. On the 9th, He Got Life: The first eight convictions for driving while intoxicated didn’t stop Donald Middleton of Houston from sliding behind the wheel and getting his ninth conviction.

Gruesome hot spring death highlights problems at Yellowstone: The grisly death of a tourist who left a boardwalk and fell into a high-temperature, acidic spring in Yellowstone National Park offers a sobering reminder that visitors need to follow park rules, park officials and observers said.

Hillary Clinton ‘Thrilled’ To Have President Obama’s Endorsement: Two days after Hillary Clinton secured enough delegates to be the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party, President Obama endorsed Clinton on Thursday in a video. The two will campaign together next week in Wisconsin.

A Major Blow to Concealed Carry: The Second Amendment doesn’t protect a right to concealed firearms, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Thursday.

Local Gov Confidential

Proposed $160M Seattle police precinct met with mix of anger and support: Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole appeared at a council meeting Wednesday to discuss a plan to replace the department’s cramped and outdated North Precinct. If the new building takes over the space currently being used by a car dealership it will feature huge glass windows, a lovely plaza and a gun range.

A Suburb on the Brink of Bankruptcy: As the rest of the country emerges from the Great Recession, East Cleveland finds itself spiraling further into financial ruin.

Did You Leave Chicago For New York? Tell Us Why: Chicago’s population isn’t actually shrinking, but if you live here, you know a person—or, more likely, 20 people—who have left. People are always leaving Chicago for greener pastures, and New York is the most threateningly green pasture of them all: a city that’s bigger than Chicago, with arguably better public transit and also Hamilton.

Mexico City’s Invisible Rivers: One group is fighting to uncover the 45 rivers that flow under the Aztec capital, hidden underground for decades.

Charles Pickett Jr. charged with 2nd-degree murder in Kalamazoo bicycle crash: A 50-year-old Battle Creek man has been charged with five counts of second-degree murder in the June 7 fatal bicycle crash in Cooper Township.