Weekly Update – 06.12.16

Weekly Update – 06.12.16

Follow ELGL on Snapchat at @ELGL50 - this week we're in Louisville, KY so you can follow along with our #govlive adventure (I'll keep the selfies to a reasonable minimum)...

Follow ELGL on Snapchat at @ELGL50 – this week we’re in Louisville, KY so you can follow along with our #govlive adventure (I’ll keep the selfies to a reasonable minimum)…

It was a busy week, with the most notable items related to ELGL issuing clarifications:

First, ELGL’s support of a congressional candidate was called into question. We had to issue a clarification that the candidate was actually a fictional character from the TV show “Veep” and that while ELGL is hugely supportive of groups like ICMA and their code of ethics, as an independent organization, ELGL membership does not abide by an identical code.

Then, ICMA leadership called into question a column series that Stacy Schweikhart and I are writing about the recently released women in leadership data. ICMA is worried that we are comparing apples to oranges when we divide the total number of female CAOs by the total number of ICMA members.

In future columns, you’ll learn more about why Stacy and I think this is an compelling and important statistic (hint: it has to do with feelings of inclusion in the professional organization). And, we’ll talk about why this recent data release shows that we need to get the National League of Cities and the US Conference of Mayors involved with the #13Percent discussion (something we’ve been urging for years).

Here’s your Sunday column with an overview of what we’ve accomplished in the prior week. If you have any questions, please email me or tweet at me.

ELGL Weekly Update – 06.12.16


Communicate (ELGL.org Content):

Communicate (By the Numbers):

  • ELGL.org had 7,110 page views (5,512 unique views) on 30 blog posts.
  • The most popular posts of the week? Jobs, Jobs, Jobs and Measures to Meaning.
  • Our Tweets from the main ELGL account had 45,60o impressions.
  • We added six new Facebook followers and our posts reached 2,170 people from the main ELGL Facebook page.
  • We created a new “ELGL Jobs 24/7” Facebook group for our members – solely focused on job postings.



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