ELGL shared an older article I had written about using Emoji in social media. It was a fun article, but what really started it was a presentation I did years ago on using gifs and memes in professional presentations. The whole thesis was that people connect with abstract concepts and hard-to-understand ideas better when explained through humor rather than the typical recitation of facts. It was part of a broader study on online communications, but it also allowed me to create an enormous folder of gifs, memes and emoji. So today, I share with you some of my favorite ( and strangest) gifs I have collected over the years.


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What I’m Doing: Preparing to lead a committee on City Medallion designs.

What I’m Watching: Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

What I’m Reading: The 12 Bottle Bar (a book I actually stole from fellow ELGL Missourian Ben Declue)

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There is no such thing as Free Parking:  Free parking makes it cheaper to own a car. But, as UCLA economist Donald Shoup has long argued, it makes everything else more expensive. Parking at the supermarket is embedded in the cost of groceries. Parking attached to an apartment building is built into the price of rent. And because cities typically require developers to build a minimum amount of parking — say, one spot per bedroom in each housing unit, or two per thousand square feet of commercial space — you may pay for the cost of parking even if you never drive a car.

Smash Mouth’s Desperate, Endless Twitter Battle: Smash Mouth, that 90s band that had that one song, recently played a free concert here in KC. Hilariously, I also discovered that they also are pretty thin-skinned when it comes to people who point out that one song and how it was in that movie with the guy… I don’t know.
Mediator: In Revoking Press Credentials, Trump Casts Himself as Punisher in Chief: You never know what’s going to cause Donald J. Trump to officially ban a news organization from his presidential campaign events. For The Washington Post, it was a headline on Monday saying “Donald Trump Suggests President Obama Was Involved With Orlando Shooting.” Mr. Trump said Mr. Obama’s refusal to say the words “radical Islamic terrorism” meant that, “there’s something going on.” He did not say what Mr. Obama’s secret agenda might be, leaving it to others to interpret. The Post later changed its headline to read that he “seems to connect Mr. Obama to the shootings. Too late — banned! (And, of course, “SAD!”)


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