Today’s Buzz features the possibility of Arizona turning blue and getting a shout out from Mark Wahlberg for surviving the heat, as well as a proposal to drug test the 1%. Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there–if you’re feeling adventurous take the Cheerios® stack challenge!

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Investigators Say Orlando Shooter Showed Few Warning Signs Of Radicalization: After interviewing dozens of people who knew Omar Mateen, investigators say his profile is more like that of a “typical mass shooter” than an individual radicalized by ISIS.

Could ‘Trump effect’ turn Arizona blue for the first time in 20 years? Democrats think they have a sleeping giant: 350,000 Latinos who are not registered to vote but who could mobilize against the presumptive Republican presidential nominee because of his incendiary rhetoric on immigration.


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New butterfly garden opens for patients at U-M Children’s Hospital: During the celebration, patients and hospital staff release more than 100 monarch butterflies.

‘Free lunch is over’ for tenants: $1,000 hikes hit some older Seattle rentals: Some landlords are going far beyond incremental hundred-dollar rent hikes, slapping huge increases on renters as the owners try to get their piece of a heated market.

Oil train protesters arrested for blocking tracks, Vancouver police say: About 20 protesters, who say they are against extracting and transporting fossil fuel, were taken into custody, police say.

Walkable Cities Are Better By Almost Any Metric: Here Are The Best In The U.S. Which cities are moving fastest to create “walkable urbanism” (and all the benefits to health, wealth, and lifestyle that come with it)?For most of the 20th century, U.S. cities grew largely by expanding outwards.

Mark Wahlberg gives Arizona a shout-out for handling its heat: Actor Mark Wahlberg, who was in Arizona for the past several days filming Transformers 5, headed out of town just in time to beat some potentially record temperatures.


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The Secret Economic And Career Benefits Of Taking Vacation: Taking vacation isn’t just a stress buster. Using paid time off boosts the economy as well.

Canada Legalizes Physician-Assisted Dying: Canadian lawmakers have passed legislation to legalize physician-assisted death. It comes after an intense debate about who should be eligible for the option.

Drug Tests for the 1 Percent?: Ever since the earliest days of government benefits, when social workers would inspect the homes of welfare recipients for cleanliness, the poor have been asked to prove their worth in order to receive help from the state.

A Lack of Action Despite Evidence of Safety Risks Posed by Digital Billboards: The Eno Center for Transportation lays out a clear appeal for action to regulate the time, place, and manner of digital billboards.

Apple Withholds Free MacBooks and Funds From RNC Over Trump Nomination: If you call for a boycott on Apple products, as Donald Trump has, know that Apple will boycott you right back.