Today’s Buzz is chalked full of news of the impending Brexit, George Will’s departure from the GOP, and toll roads in Florida. Enjoy the visual odes to siblings through the buzz!


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George Will Leaves the G.O.P. Over Donald Trump: The conservative columnist and prominent Republican said he switched his party registration to unaffiliated, saying on Friday, “This is not my party.”

Why Britain Left: The June 23 vote represents a huge popular rebellion against a future in which British people feel increasingly crowded within—and even crowded out of—their own country.


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Florida’s road plan: tolls, tolls, more tolls: When it comes to rankings, Florida doesn’t lead America in much. Education? Don’t be silly. Wages? We’re way down. But there’s one area where Florida excels (well, in addition to wrongful convictions): toll roads.

A Born-Again Donald Trump? Believe It, Evangelical Leader Says: James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, says Mr. Trump recently came “to accept a relationship with Christ” and was now “a baby Christian.”

Who Voted for the Brexit? Britain has voted to leave the European Union. The news surprised many people, including the British, who have learned that while brushing off early statistical warnings is tempting, it doesn’t make it any easier when those warnings turn out to be right.

Something not in the air at Oregon’s environmental agency? Transparency The agency marks up some fees it charges the public, effectively turning its own records into a profit center.

Brexit was fueled by irrational xenophobia, not real economic grievances: Just one day after the results of Brexit, Britain’s vote to leave the EU, were announced, we’ve already begun to see some disturbing reports from Britain. Specifically, troubling stories about xenophobic incidents have been popping up across the country.


Local Gov Confidential

Preparing for Automated Vehicles: Recommendations From NACTO: The National Association of City Transportation Officials has spoken out on the ned to begin preparing for a future of automated vehicles.

Who Does Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s New Funding Plan Leave Out? If the Metro Board passes the proposed $40 billion expenditure plan, millions of Los Angeles residents will still not have access to good public transit for decades.

Lessons for Urban Planning in 2016—From SimCity 2000 A tech writer had a chance to revisit SimCity 2000 after years away from the game for contemporary lessons in planning.

Mayor Proposes Ambitious Housing Plan for Newton, Massachusetts: Mayor Setti Warren has a vision for his city that includes the opportunities that brought his parents to live in the city. That means more housing, affordable to various levels of income.