In today’s Buzz read the latest from last night’s deadly attach in Nice, France, Donald Trump prepares to select Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his Vice President nominee, and take a moment to explore the data behind gun deaths in America.

The Morning Buzz is brought to you by Ghostbusters.  The Ghostbuster’s remake with an all-female lead cast opens in theaters across America today and squashes all of the nonsense controversy that has been attached to the film for the last year.



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Scores Die in Nice, France, as Truck Plows Into Bastille Day Crowd A Bastille Day fireworks celebration was shattered by death and mayhem Thursday night in the southern French city of Nice when a large truck barreled for more than a mile through an enormous crowd of spectators, crushing and maiming dozens in what France’s president called a terrorist assault. It came eight months after the Paris attacks that traumatized the nation and all of Europe. Officials and witnesses in Nice said at least 84 people, including children, were killed by the driver of the rampaging truck, who mowed them down on the sidewalk. He was shot to death by the police as officers scrambled to respond on what is France’s most important annual holiday.

Trump delays V.P. announcement, even as Pence emerges as probable choice In a stunning move late Thursday, Donald Trump said he was scrapping his plans to announce a running mate because of the terrorist attack in southern France, following a day of strong signals that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence was the likely choice.

Gun Deaths In America This interactive graphic is part of our project exploring the more than 33,000 annual gun deaths in America and what it would take to bring that number down. See our stories on suicides among middle-age men, homicides of young black men and accidental deaths, or explore the menu for more coverage.





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50 Nifty

Can These Tiny Flat-Pack Houses Help Shelter The Homeless?  Renting an apartment in Oakland, California, now costs roughly 30% more than it did two years ago. As the steeply rising cost of housing forces more people to live on the street, some city officials hope to soon build a tiny-house village as part of a solution.

Funny Women  A subway train clatters out of sight, into the gullet of a tunnel. Trapped in the last car is an evil spectre, glowing blue with rage, and gazing after it is an M.T.A. worker named Patty (Leslie Jones), who seems unmoved. “I guess he’s going to Queens,” she says.

‘Ghostbusters’ Is A Perfect Example Of How Internet Movie Ratings Are Broken  “Ghostbusters,” a revival of the 1984 original, hits theaters nationwide on Friday. As a reboot of a beloved, male-led science fiction film from the 1980s with a female-led cast, the reboot has proved somewhat controversial in the circles you would expect. But regardless of the quality of the film, it serves as a perfect demonstration of why internet movie ratings are inherently a problem.

Oregon legislators propose national vote-by-mail bill  The bill – the Vote Mail Act of 2016 – would require every state to provide registered voters the chance to vote by mail.

Wayne County pension system funding sees improvement The system remains underfunded by $637 million; Evans administration credits change to employee benefit modifications.

Aging and Alone in Manhattan’s Chinatown  It’s difficult to be a senior citizen with limited resources in New York City. Mantai Chow’s short documentary, The Forgotten Ones, profiles elderly people who’ve lived in the city for decades, but who are struggling as they grow older alone. Abandoned by many, they cling to one another.

Ryan Says He Believes Trump Is ‘Going To Endeavor To Try’ To Change  In an interview with NPR’s Steve Inskeep, Paul Ryan was optimistic that the presumptive GOP nominee would come around on free trade pacts, and the controversial tone he’s used on the campaign trial.

A bright idea: Converting existing streetlights to LEDs saves cities money and electricity  Cities across the U.S. are finding monetary and energy savings by converting their existing streetlights to LEDs.

U.S. DOT awards $759 million in transportation grants to cities, states  The U.S. Department of Transportation recently awarded federal FASTLANE grants totaling $759 million to 18 freight- and road-related projects, but many municipalities missed out on opportunities to receive funding.

7 Times Boris Johnson, Britain’s New Foreign Secretary, Was Anything but Diplomatic  An author, journalist and former mayor of London, Mr. Johnson has a rich history of gaffes and controversies.


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Local Government Confidential

Residents confront Fresno City Council about Northeast Fresno water issues  Residents who’ve dealt with rusty and lead water in their plumbing confronted the Fresno City Council Thursday.
Residents believe the city’s failure to adequately provide corrosion control in the city water supply lead to the disintegration of their plumbing, causing lead and other elements in their water.

Village attorney advises board to go eminent domain route Bay City Village attorney Robert Loberg had quite a bit to say at the June 15 meeting about a Direct Legislation petition submitted to the village by Bay City resident Kent Carlson on behalf of a contingent of Bay City voters.

Rollingwood City Council OKs next step in bike-lane project