Today’s Buzz features a wrap-up of the conventions, 1.5 million gallons of spilled sewage and GIS mapping helping to increase fruit tree yield. On this day in 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Social Security Act of 1965 into law which established Medicare and Medicaid. Happy 51st birthday!

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With the Conventions Behind Us, Our Takeaways from Both: The Democratic Convention is over, and delegates streamed to airports and train stations on Friday morning to return home for the summer weekend. But the contrasting back-to-back political displays – Republicans met last week in Cleveland – offered important lessons about the two presidential nominees, and their parties, as they head into the November general election.


Podcast: Discrimination Tort Claims in Local Government

The July 2016 Confidential: City Lands $70M Donation

Portland, OR Job Board 07.29.16

07.26.16 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (City Hall Selfie Day Remix)

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At The DNC, We Asked Women Why They Were Voting For Clinton: We asked women — as young as 4 and as old 77 — how much the weight of history factored into their decision.

‘Forgive Us For So Much Cruelty’: Pope Francis Visits Site Of Auschwitz Death Camp: Pope Francis visited the former Nazi death camp of Auschwitz on Friday, keeping a near-total silence to honor the more than 1 million people — almost all of them Jews — who were systematically killed there during World War II.

6 state employees criminally charged in Flint water crisis: Six more state employees were charged with crimes today for their roles in the Flint Water Crisis because of negligence and arrogance, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette said.

Larry The Lobster, Saved From Stockpot, Dies In Styrofoam Instead: Larry the Lobster was poised to be an inspirational tale. The 15-pound lobster was at least in his 60s, according to scientists who spoke to thePortland Press Herald and ABC News, when he found his way from the sea to a seafood supplier.

Uber Hasn’t Had An Effect On Drunken-Driving Deaths, Study Finds: Researchers at the University of Southern California and Oxford University looked at the 100 most populated metropolitan areas, analyzing data from before and after the introduction of Uber and its competitors, and found that access to ride-sharing apps had no effect on traffic fatalities related to drinking alcohol.

Local Gov Confidential

Portland memorializes David Bowie, Prince with bike-lane art: Portlanders long honored legendary recording artists David Bowie and Prince with an annual bike ride. The ninth annual Bowie vs. Prince ride was expected to be the last after the two artists died this year within months of each other. But a bicycling-related tribute will live on.

U.S. Appeals Court Strikes Down North Carolina’s Voter ID Law: A federal appeals court has overturned North Carolina’s sweeping voter ID law, ruling that the law was passed with “discriminatory intent” and was designed to impose barriers to block African-Americans from voting.

Medical-marijuana study soon will seek Arizona veterans with PTSD: Within a month or two, Arizona researchers will accept applications for a small number of veterans who have post-traumatic stress disorder to participate in a study in north Phoenix on medical marijuana’s effects on the disorder.

Md. Park Closed After 1.5 Million Gallons of Sewage Spills Into Patuxent River: WSSC crews are pumping water to clear the waste, which will flow through Laurel and eventually out into the Chesapeake Bay, Laurel officials said.

GIS mapping system increases San Jose fruit trees’ yield: CommUniverCity, a collaborative project of San Jose State University (SJSU), San Jose, Calif., and two neighborhood communities, is aiming to channel excess food to people in need. Its Garden to Table initiative identifies and maps fruit trees on residential properties, works with area homeowners, and mobilizes volunteers to pick excess fruit and deliver it to a local food bank.