Today’s Buzz is dedicated to one of my favorite shows currently on television- 12 Monkeys.  I was a skeptic when the show was announced; so few shows based on movies are of the highest caliber.  The new Monkeys has really grabbed the bull by the horns and is a wild romp across time, featuring season-long story arcs, the twists of well thought out time travel, and great characters.

Aaron Cole and Dr. Cassandra Railly

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What I’m reading: Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson

What I’m listening to: The Isle of the Dead, Symphonic Poem Op. 29 by Rachmaninov

What I’m watching: Last Days in Vietnam on American Experience

What I’m doing: Getting ready for GENCON this week!


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New study finds that male academics are more likely to cite a higher authority: Themselves: While “self-citation” represents a significant chunk of all citations in academic papers, researchers found that men practiced it on their own papers far more than women.

Top Trump Aide Previously Wielded Influence in Ukraine: With Russia becoming a focus of the presidential campaign, Paul Manafort’s work and business dealings in Ukraine have come under scrutiny.

Black Lives, Blue Lives: Political Conventions Reveal A Country Deeply Divided: The rhetoric on the stage was dramatized by interactions between protesters and police on the streets.

Initiate splinter sequence!


The Chris Traeger List: Top 100 Local Government Influencers

SGR Job Board 08.01.16

Executive Director Weekly Update

Podcast: Discrimination Tort Claims in Local Government

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Conference: Center for Priority Based Budgeting (CPBB) Conference – August 2 to 4, Denver CO

Event: ELGL & CPBB at the Ballpark – August 3, Denver CO

Supper Club: ELGL Supper Club in San Mateo, CA – August 28

Webinar: Future Schedule Technology Efficiency Series – New Webinar Every Month

Event: League of Women in Government Symposium + Networking – September 24, Kansas City Convention Center, Kansas City MO

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#LocalGov Confidential

Along for the Ride: Remembering the controversial South County Connector: MetroLink could come to South County, where opposition has ended big projects before

Messenger: Privatized ambulance service falling short in University City: Some residents are asking city officials to return to city firefighter-paramedics.

Study: Missouri state workers worst paid in nation: Consultants say it would cost the state more than $13 million to bring salaries for prison guards, social service workers and other state employees to a competitive rate.

Police chief Eddie Johnson quickly removes police powers from cops involved in fatal shooting, and other Chicago news

New, Scaled-down Plan for One Winnetka: A new plan for One Winnetka that now includes the Conney’s Pharmacy property and eliminates any contribution of village funds was presented to the Village Council at a lengthy special session held on July 27.