Building & Permit Services Director, Eugene, OR

Building & Permit Services Director, Eugene, OR

Serving any city is a privilege, a responsibility and a calling. Serving a city like Eugene is the ultimate honor in helping shape a community that is invested in staying awesome. This is your invitation to join the team and help imagine, craft and lead Eugene’s future as the Building and Permit Services Director.

View the detailed job posting and application instructions: City of Eugene Human Resource BPS Director Posting




In this role, you and your team will not just imagine the future, but build the team, tools and culture to facilitate and support its development. Ideally, you actively solicit and foster the ideas of others, evaluating those ideas for their practical and creative merits as solutions to current and future problems and to improve the services valued by customers. You will continuously adapt, adjust and create strategies for innovative solutions that best fit the organization; actively monitor possible implementation problems and evolving needs, and select efficient and effective alternatives.


eugene or logoEugene is passionate about livability and maintaining a community that is safe, beautiful, healthy and prosperous. The Building and Permit Services Division is at the intersection of policy direction and getting things done. Livability lives here. The ideal candidate will not just have a vision, but the ability to translate vision into plans and inspiration into action. You will create consensus through good inter-personal skills and have a strong understanding of political issues; maintain high ethical standards while working subtly and effectively with the organizational structure; avoid missteps by calculating the outcome and consequences of alternative courses of action based on a realistic assessment of the situation; and be fully aware of the political landscape and adjusts actions, as necessary, to avoid pitfalls.


You are here for the team and the team is here for you. As a local government leader, you understand and respect the role of the community and elected officials in creating a vision and goals for the future and you are honored to serve the public. Your team will be inspired and motivated by the way you lead. You are collaborative and staff and customers want to partner with you. The work environment is creative and fun and supports peak performance. You have a demonstrated high level of self and social awareness and are compassionate and authentic and exceptional at holding yourself and others accountable. People who work with you feel valued and respected.


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