Guess who turns 50 today!? This morning’s Buzz is a celebration of Star Trek and all its geeky glory.


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Much More Than A 5-Year Mission: ‘Star Trek’ Turns 50 Today, one of the most enduring franchises in TV and movie history celebrates its 50th birthday. Star Trek debuted on NBC in 1966, developed by Roddenberry, a former Los Angeles cop who wanted to make a TV series which could sneak past the rampant escapism of most programs back then.

NASA Mission To Retrieve Ancient Asteroid Dust Is Ready For Launch A rocket set to take off Thursday evening from Cape Canaveral, Fla., is part of a mission by NASA and the University of Arizona to send a robot to an asteroid. The goal: Bring back ancient dust.

Somebody Altered Houston’s ‘Don’t Walk’ Signals to Give Pedestrians the Finger A new way to discourage jaywalking?




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