In today’s Morning Buzz we bring you the latest from another night of unrest in Charlotte, Yahoo announces that hackers stole the account information of some 500 million users, and the Tulsa officer involved in the fatal shooting death of an unarmed black man earlier this week is charged with manslaughter.

Yesterday’s Autumn Equinox ( The Autumn Equinox Is Here—What You Need to Know) marked the officially beginning of the Fall season.  The Morning Buzz is brought to you by everything that makes us happy about Fall: flannels, pumpkin spice, cool nights, bonfires, fall foliage and more.


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Charlotte mayor orders curfew, but police allow protests to continue  With the city reeling from a deadly police shooting, Mayor Jennifer Roberts imposed a curfew from midnight to 6 a.m., but police allowed peaceful protests to continue overnight. Demonstrations on Thursday night grew tense for a bit as police in riot gear blocked roads and the crowds became restive.

Yahoo Says Hackers Stole Data on 500 Million Users in 2014 Yahoo announced on Thursday that the account information of at least 500 million users was stolen by hackers two years ago, in the biggest known intrusion of one company’s computer network.





50 Nifty

A Deadpan Hillary Clinton Visits ‘Between Two Ferns’  The comic Zach Galifianakis asked if she would be excited to be “the first girl president” and whether she would move to Canada if she lost to Donald J. Trump.

Austin police using buses, motorcycles to catch distracted drivers  Members of the Austin Police Department’s Highway Enforcement Unit boarded a city bus around 7 a.m. near Interstate 35 and Parmer Lane and took to the highway to act as spotters for a swarm of officers on motorcycles who were trying to catch drivers …

Religion And Education Explain The White Vote What makes white people tick? This question will occupy campaign strategists and forecasters through November. Given that voters of color have, on the whole, decided resoundingly against Donald Trump, the coveted swing voters who will decide this election are overwhelmingly white.

Almost diplomacy: US ex-officials, N. Koreans quietly meet Officially, the United States and North Korea barely speak to each other, their communications often limited to public exchanges of insults.

Hilltop church group: Don’t let light rail divide MLK Way  Anthony Steele stands in front of Allen AME Church in the middle of Martin Luther King Way where a proposed Tacoma Link Rail will be located on Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2016. He would like the station place on the sidewalk for a side platform for the Link

Edward Jones makes workplace diversity a priority: Top Workplaces 2016  It’s common at Edward Jones for more veteran employees to volunteer as trainers or mentors to those just starting out. The company finished first among large companies in the 2016 Top Workplaces survey for Oregon and southwest Washington.

Is Ted Cruz About to Endorse Donald Trump? In the days before he ended his own failed bid for the presidency, Ted Cruz denounced Donald Trump as “utterly amoral,” a “serial philanderer,” and a “pathological liar.”

From Ferguson to Charlotte, Why Police Protests Turn Into Riots  On Wednesday night, riots again rocked Charlotte, North Carolina, in response to the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, a 43-year-old African-American man.

The Price of Mass Deportation  California could lose $100 billion of its GDP, annually. Texas could lose $60 billion. New Jersey, $25 billion. All but 5 U.S. states would see at least 1 percent of their GDP disappear each year.

Major Indictment Stabs at the Heart of New York State’s Economic Development System  In my major City Journal feature on Buffalo I noted that US attorney Preet Bharara was investigating Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s signature Buffalo Billion economic development project there.

4 Things To Watch In The First Debate For Hillary Clinton  Expectations are high for the Democratic nominee, but she needs to come across as authentic and relatable instead of just a policy wonk.

4 Things To Watch In The First Debate For Donald Trump The Republican nominee proved adept in the primary debates, but a one-on-one debate could expose weaknesses in policy. And he’ll have delicately approach how he debates with the first female nominee.

A Complete Guide To Early And Absentee Voting  Early voting is set to account for one-third of all votes cast this election. Does your state allow early voting? And how do the campaigns use this data? Find out with our complete guide.


Local Government Confidential

St. Paul mayor vetoes City Council’s proposed tax levy  St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman shot down the City Council’s maximum tax levy of $114.7 million Thursday, calling the additional $1.8 million increase over what he proposed “misguided.”

Burrillville Town Council votes to oppose proposed power plant  The Burrillville Town Council has voted to oppose the construction of a natural gas power plant in the town.

Montana: Missoula City Council to Hold Public Hearing on Unnecessary Background Check Ordinance  On Monday, September 26, the Missoula City Council is scheduled to consider an ordinance that violates Montana’s state preemption law, which prohibits local governments and municipalities from passing their own gun control laws that create a patchwork of complex and confusing gun laws throughout the state.  The ordinance would require background checks on all gun sales and transfers with limited exceptions.