As if you had to ask… Ken Bone may not be the hero we want, but he is definitely the hero we need.

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Ken Bone Is Closer to Deciding, After Debate: Many people were fascinated by Mr. Bone, the undecided voter in the red sweater who asked a policy question Sunday night.

Please pass the Russian Parmesan: Cheesemakers celebrate sanctions: “When you pressure Russians, even with something like cheese, we only become stronger,” said an entrepreneur turned cheesemaker.

A Friend For Pluto: Astronomers Find New Dwarf Planet In Our Solar System: The object known for now as 2014 UZ224 is only about 330 miles across and takes 1,100 years to orbit the sun. But one of the most interesting things about it is the way researchers found it.

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  • A Pediatrician’s View Of Paid Parental Leave: Paternity leave can make a big difference in a dad’s long-term engagement with the child, doctors find. Paid family leave also fosters breastfeeding and reduces the incidence of maternal depression.
  • A Tale of Two Putin Visits: Russian President Vladimir Putin has canceled an upcoming trip to France over Francois Hollande’s remarks that he would use the visit to discuss Moscow’s actions in Syria.
  • The End of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7: Samsung will stop producing and selling its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone after reports that its battery overheats and can explode, an issue that led to restrictions by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and a massive recall last month.
  • How War Created Pippi Longstocking: If you turn to Astrid Lindgren’s wartime journals curious to learn about the origins of her famous literary creation—the rule-defying supergirl named Pippi Longstocking—you may at first feel shortchanged. Lindgren, a young mother and aspiring writer in Sweden, gets four and a half years into her diary before she briefly mentions Pippi, in 1944. She’s “having really good fun” with her. “That bad child” barely comes up again until Lindgren goes out the following year to buy a copy of her own “jolly funny book,” just published.

Local Gov Confidential

High aspirations fall short as a half-built Florissant real estate project languishes: Nearby residents fume as city, management company hit impasse.

Public input sought on minority participation in St. Louis County contracts: Disparity study seeks to resolve lingering issue with 2014 county legislation.

As WashU recovers from presidential debate, students engaged but moving on: Washington University has been host to five presidential and vice-presidential debates.

If Chief Sam Dotson runs for mayor, Mayor Francis Slay wants him to resign: The mayor says he won’t condone a part-time police chief.

Red sweater guy Kenneth Bone is internet sensation after second presidential debate: Bone, one of 40 undecided voters selected to ask the candidates questions, had picked out an olive suit.