Update: 2017 ELGL Choice Award

Update! Award winners will be announced at #ELGL17 on May 12 in Detroit.

The impact of the 2016 ELGL Choice Award remains — ELGL members are making more informed decisions in selecting vendors and Choice Award winners are gaining new clients.

For 2017, you’ll notice a major change to the award. Due to his unmatched entrepreneurial skills (Entertainment 720, Rent-A-Swag, and Tom’s Bistro), which are shared by many Choice Award winners, we honor Tom Haverford by renaming the Choice Award to recognize his contributes to local government. Allow us to introduce you to the 2017 Thomas M. Haverford Choice Award.

Submit Your Nominations for the Thomas M. Haverford Choice Award


  • The nomination period runs from until April 15.
  • Vendors receiving multiple nominations will receive extra consideration from the ELGL Evaluation Team.
  • Leaving a comment, along with the nomination, is helpful in the selection process. Be specific as possible.
  • The ELGL Evaluation Team will use three criteria in selecting and ranking the top 50 companies: number of nominations received by each company (50%), comments submitted on each company (25%), and input from ELGL Evaluation Team (25%).
  • In April, the ELGL Evaluation Team will announce the ranking.

List of Nominees

BoardSync specializes in automated agenda management, meeting minutes management, and the sharing of meeting content with board members, staff, and the public.

buildingeye makes building and planning information easier to find and understand by mapping what’s happening in your city.

DHM Research provides consultation for private, public, and non-profit clients with planning and decision-making through telephone and online surveys, focus groups, large group studies, one-on-one interviews, public outreach, and the development and utilization of online panels.

Center for Priority Based Budgeting (CPBB) offers its technical and advisory services to help any local government organization address its fiscal realities both in the short term (Fiscal Health) and long term (Fiscal Wellness) through a new, innovative and creative leading practice.

CivicPlus offers government website design and development services for cities, townships, and counties of any size with 24-hour customer support.

GovSense empowers jurisdictions with flexible, easy-to-use solutions that meet their needs in financials, budgeting, economic development, land use planning, project review, regulatory management, permitting & inspections, code enforcement, CRM & citizen requests, asset & work order management and more.

Municibid is a convenient and easy-to-use online auction website for government agencies, schools, authorities and utilities to sell their surplus and forfeitures directly to the public.

mySidewalk empowers organizations to make better decisions using simple data analysis tools.

National Research Center, Inc. (NRC) has worked with hundreds of local governments to provide them with full-service survey research and evaluation needed to move their communities forward.

Neighborland empowers civic leaders to collaborate with residents in an accessible, participatory, and enjoyable way.

NEOGOV is the market and technology leader in on-demand workforce management for the public sector.

NextRequest provides modern, robust, and user friendly FOIA and public records processing software used by governments.

Novak Consulting Group provides innovative thinking that strengthens organizations by bringing solutions into focus.

Patronicity brings together local citizens and sponsors to support great initiatives in their communities.

ProudCity manage your city website and online government services all in one place.

Ralph Anderson & Associates is a provider of consulting and executive search services.

Romulus CRM powers communication, accountability, and better service for local governments.

ResourceX provides advanced technology accelerating data application for resource allocation solutions.

SAFEBuilt offers customized full-service building department programs & supplemental services in short- and long-term engagements to public agencies.

Soofa is a solar-powered seat with the capability to charge two smart phones and collect air quality or other environmental data.

Strategic Government Resources (SGR) partners with local governments to recruit, assess, and develop innovative, collaborative, authentic leaders.

Vendor Registry streamlines purchasing for cities, counties, school boards, utilities and suppliers to save time, build businesses and conserve taxpayer dollars.