Pasadena, CA vs. Peoria, IL

Pasadena, CA vs. Peoria, IL

Over the past four weeks, ELGL members and friends took part in ELGL City Hall Madness, narrowing the field from 64 to this week as we head into the Final Four.

Vote in the head-to-head match-ups to determine which city hall advances to the championship round. Voting ends at 11:59 EST on March 3. Follow along and fill out your own bracket as we release the winners from each round.

Tournament Dates

  • Week of January 30: Round of 64
  • Week of February 6: Round of 32
  • Week of February 13: Sweet 16
  • Week of February 20: Elite 8
  • Week of February 27: Final 4
  • Week of March 6: National Championship

Press Clippings

Wisconsin Public Radio: Village Takes On Much Larger Municipalities In Online, NCAA-Like Competition

Little Chute Village Administrator James Fenlon credits its success in “City Hall Madness” to its signature Dutch windmill operating in its recently renovated village hall that features Old World European architecture, a nod to the village’s Dutch immigrant heritage.

WMBD: Peoria Caught Up In ‘City Hall Madness’

“The thing that we’re really vying for, the thing that means the most to us, is the Leslie B. Knope trophy. We’re all really big ‘Parks and Rec’ fans. And, we really want to bring that to Peoria.”

Post Crescent: Little Chute advances to Elite Eight in contest

The village’s magical run through the City Hall Madness tournament for the best-looking city hall in the country is showing no signs of slowing down.

Journal Star: It isn’t Presidents Day, not even at Peoria City Hall

The quarterfinal for Peoria’s 118-year-old municipal structure is an intrastate battle. The opponent is a young pup, the 20-year-old city hall in Effingham, home of Uwe Blab and the Flaming Hearts. (That is not the name of a band. High school basketball fans know of what we speak.)

More Press!

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  • kim

    Peoria Illinois City Hall is a work of art.

    • Rick Gough

      I wouldn’t live anywhere else but Pasadena!

  • Liz

    Peoria has it all and a beautiful city hall

  • Will Owen

    Sorry – I am from that part of the Midwest (as were many of Pasadena’s founders), and although the brick Victorian city hall is a very impressive item in most cases, Pasadena’s is a thing that thrills me every time I look at it. Peoria’s, in my not-so-humble opinion, isn’t even in the same league as Terre Haute’s.

  • Leslie McKnight

    For those doubters of the beauty of Peoria City Hall, see the rich aesthetics and history of our own local creation of art.

  • Hasmig Tabakian

    As far as I know Pasadena City Hall in California is the most beautiful City Hall of all of the United States.

  • nm19

    Pasadena is such a beautiful city, but the city hall building is just such a timeless beauty year round. Roses in the spring, beautiful sunsets in the summer and fall, and the huge Christmas tree in the rotunda in the winter. Go Pasadena!

  • jk1955

    Pasadena City Hall is a beautiful public space surrounded by fountains, walkways, sculptures, gardens and the equally impressive architectural gems of the grand library to the north and the civic auditorium to the south. It is so wonderful that this monument to community pride built generations ago still stands for us to enjoy. They don’t make them like this any more!

  • Diana

    Pasadena City Hall is so beautiful and charming! Love walking through year round.

  • Renee L

    Grew up in Pasadena and I love it, City Hall is beautiful.

  • Star

    Grew up in pasadena…. Beautiful and historic

  • JanetJ

    Pasadena City Hall is so beautiful that we took our family Christmas Card picture there!

  • Deborah Takahashi

    Pasadena City Hall is a monumental feet in beauty and architecture. It’s the gem of Pasadena, CA and it’s in the background of so many photos and memories.

  • Adam Gulick

    Pasadena City Hall is a masterpiece! Did the T.V. show Parks & Recreation use Peoria’s City Hall in their show? No, they used Pasadena!

  • Cely Iribe

    Pasadena’s city hall is such a beautiful and breathtaking place. It’s architectural work is amazing. Personally for me, there is a sense of calmness and comfort when I see it. Especially at night, it’s simply a beautiful sight to see.

  • Jenny

    Pasadena City Hall is one of a kind! It’s no wonder you can always catch a visitor snapping a picture of this spectacular place.

  • Daniel Pasadena

    Pasadena City Hall remains the best City Hall I’ve ever seen. Especially when you take a closer look, walk the halls, see the staircases, feel the breeze, etc. Only in person you can fully appreciate the magnificent architecture of the building.

  • Charles Braun

    Hands down without exception Pasadena City Hall is the fairest in the land.

  • Zyrel

    Charming historic architecture!

  • Shauna

    Pasadena City Hall is by far the most beautiful! (And EXTREMELY photogenic: It has been used as a film location for many projects. If you ever watched Parks & Rec, you’ll recognize our beautiful building as the one that stood in for Pawnee’s.)

  • Michele

    Pasadena’s Classic Historic City Hall!!!

  • Super SPLASH

    Pasadena City Hall is easily the better choice. I don’t understand how it is behind in the voting!

  • Dan Augustyn

    It’s not just the building, it’s what surrounds it – Pasadena City Hall breathes vitality, interest, and strength with the beautiful backdrop of the San Gabriel mountains to the north, Convention Center to the south, All Saints Church to the east, and the Brookmore Apartments to the west.

  • snip7337

    Pasadena is where it’s at??

  • Andrea Edwards

    I’m a proud Pasadena girl, and I think our City Hall is the greatest! California love!

  • Pamela Slimko

    Pasadena is a beautiful city and has a gorgeous cirty hall to go along with it!

  • Eric Slimko

    Pasadena City Hall is wonderful

  • Richard Booth

    Peorie’s City Hall is a Historic Gem!! A must see if you’re near by

  • Melissa

    Peoria’s City Hall is beautiful! Especially in the winter with the snow and ice skating rink!

  • Jason

    Pasadena City Hall all the way!

  • Brad

    GO Peoria and a great looking City Hall

  • Austin Fallert
  • Ed Olehy

    I really like Peoria City Hall!!

  • Stephen Lebowitz

    The iconic Pasadena City Hall has been seen by millions of people over the years, in person or on the screen, and many would not realize the actual identity of this civic celebrity.

  • Meredith

    The Pasadena City Hall is by far the most beautiful and iconic City Hall!

  • George

    Pasadena rocks! great architecture, history, beauty and don’t forget we got Big Bang Theory background from sheldons apartment 🙂

  • weisswriter

    Pasadena’s city hall is architecturally inspirational. It fulfills not only practical requirements but also aesthetic ones, melding old and new. It is a graceful, elegant building that is a deliberate rejection of the block-y fortress style buildings that so often typify government architecture. Squat and square is probably the most efficient in terms of square feet of available space, but it can never aspire to inspire the way a building such as the Pasadena City Hall building does.

  • Jessica

    I absolutely love Pasadena City Hall!! The architecture is so beautiful! I would love to get married here!

  • Roger Smith

    Pasadenba City Hall is a baroque masterpiece. Anybody who watched the Mission Impossible tv shows of 40 plus years ago would recognize it as a stand in for embassies and palaces around the world.

  • Leslie Cope Pasadena City Hall! It has had Hollywood Cred since the 1930s! Countless movies, TV shows and commercials have been filmed there. From it’s grand exteriors and airy, cool courtyard with a babbling fountain, to the gracious arcaded corridors and foyers, you’ll marvel at the majesty of the architecture. Simply Google “Pasadena City Hall” images and become entranced! This Pasadena Native has transplanted to the midwest, but am always delighted to catch a glimpse of our fair City Hall on screen! (The Courtyard at night.)

    • stacy


    • chris

      Great photo

    • I agree completely! I am proud to say that I worked on the historic restoration of this exceptional building !!

    • Kyle Rayner

      That… is…. AMAZING!!!!!

    • John Schaefer

      There is really no comparison if a person is being honest. This is stunning!

  • Gwendolyn Moore

    Pasadena City hall is beautiful.

  • Kate Kohorst

    Ok seriously!
    This isn’t even a contest! Pasadena City Hall is so much more aesthetically pleasing to look at!

  • Gerard Jugant

    Pasadena City Hall =
    Picturesque Architecture, Artful Sportive Ageless—Design, Erudite Novel—Architecture + So much, much more…..

  • Robin Meyer

    Pasadena city hall is gorgeous! Wedding photo worthy gorgeous!!


    Pasadena City Hall FTW!

  • K M Breidenthal

    Pasadena City Hall—What a beautiful place! I grew up walking through, riding my bike through (!), visiting the offices, just hanging out—and it is always so open and friendly. I truly feel it is MY city hall.

  • kim

    Peoria has one of the most stunning city halls in the US.

  • Phoebe Wilson

    That trophy BELONGS in Pasadena’s City Hall!

  • Louise Guerin

    You don’t have to go to La La Land to see a great City Hall. Pasadena has it all.

  • Kelley Koeppel Lane

    Peoria city hall is the most beautiful building around. Go Peoria!

  • Liz

    Peoria has it all and a great city hall

  • Kevin Ppl

    Go Pasadena City Hall!

  • Martin

    It’s the Leslie B. Knope trophy? There’s only one place that belongs, and it’s not Peoria 🙂

  • Liz Espinoza

    Pasadena’s City Hall is so beautiful at night when the lights are on. Stand at one end looking through to the other side as the sun drops in the sky. Beautiful indeed!

  • Kate Setti

    The Peoria city hall is beautiful!! Not to mention Peoria is the home of the #standardofexcllence the Richwoods Knights!!!!!

  • Eileen Ruby Setti

    Midwestern charm inside and out! We love our Peoria City Hall

  • Melissa Amyx Drozd

    Peoria City Hall has historic charm!

  • Phyllis Chambers-Emmons

    Pasadena City Hall is beautiful in any light and even in any weather. What a beautiful and well cared for place.

  • Jeff

    I used to work in Pasadena for years. It’s a beautiful city with a fantastic City Hall!

  • Liz

    Peoria has it all and a great city hall

  • Liz

    Peoria rocks

  • John duncan

    The Peoria city hall is the standard of excellence. It is a B-E-A-UTIFUL city hall of learning. Let’s all rise and stand for our city.

  • Liz Phelps

    Pasadena! Home of Leslie Knope city hall!!!!

  • Sarah L. Holmes

    Pasadena City Hall is the prettiest City Hall building I`ve ever been to… People come here for wedding photo shoots… And the view from the bridge is gorgeous.. Pasadena city hall forever!

  • Rebecca Fennessy

    I was married at Pasadena City Hall.

  • HoneyChambers

    Pasadena City Hall has to be one of the most filmed city hall buildings ever

  • QualityOfLife

    Pasadena City Hall is an architectural jewel and is used in feature films and tv shows. The locals love our City Hall and its central courtyard garden is always open to the public 24/7.

  • Pasadena for the win. It’s the actual Leslie Knope City Hall

  • Ann

    With its beautiful courtyard and fountain, Pasadena City Hall is the clear winner!!

  • jenon

    Pasadena City Hall is so gorgeous. I love how it glows pink at dusk.

  • Sarah Montgomery

    The city hall of Pawnee, Indiana is also Pasadena’s! If Leslie Knope approves, I think it should win.

  • Jasmine Elhawary

    I love my city. I will never get tired of the beautiful view of our City Hall. And let’s not forget the gorgeous roses. There’s nothing like City of Roses. Go Pasadena!

  • Cindy Wenzlau

    This beautiful & iconic City Hall also provides open space to walk in and around the amazing architecture and enjoy the dramatic look up at the dome! This landmark is a real treasure!

  • mary

    Pasadena City hall is so beautiful! I had my engagement pictures taken there and there’s always people taking their wedding, engagement and quincenera photos there.

  • Ginger Berglund

    I can walk to Pasadena’s City Hall from where I live. By far the best!

  • Liz

    Peoria has it all and a great city hall

  • Nancy Bragg

    Peoria City Hall has a lot of history and is one of the oldest in the state of Illinois.

  • Loralee MacPike

    Pasadena City Hall is not only itself beautiful, but it defines the area, with vistas down every street. It is, in both function and location, truly the heart of the city.

  • Darren Graves

    Peoria City Hall is a beautiful building to admire. So beautiful in fact I illustrated the building into a children’s coloring book.

  • stacy

    Pasadena City Hall is so beautiful as you walk up to it. The majestic, intricate detailed sculptures of Lions is representative of the STRENGTH the City has as a community. Very PROUD of my CITY!!!!!

  • Alicia Turner

    Peoria is awesome!

  • Beverly McClaskey

    Peoria’s City Hall is rife with history. Love my town.

  • Amy Lacefield

    I was lucky enough to live across the street from the Peoria City Hall for 2 years. It was the view from my 3 large windows. I was able to enjoy it decorated with flowers in the summer and snowflakes in the winter.

  • P. Martin


  • rc

    Go Peoria! How’s it playing in Peoria? It is playing well!

  • Patricia Valencia

    no doubt, Pasadena Rocks! and City Hall is not only gorgeous but famous. and to top it off, it’s beautiful courtyard can be accessed 24/7, you can walk around and take in the aroma of it’s exquisite roses, sit by the calming sound of the fountain. and at night, wow! amongst the stars as well!

  • Katie Kim

    Peoria’s City Hall is absolutely stunning and has an amazing history with it.

  • Jason Morris

    I don’t deny the beauty of Pasadena’s City Hall. It’s beautiful, no doubt. But the Peoria City Hall stands bold in a harsher, grittier environment, and that counts for something. The sheer girth and bold color of the Peoria City Hall with the unique architecture makes it the winner for me. Oh yeah, and I’m from the Peoria area. 🙂

  • Pamela Little Johnson

    Peoria’s city hall is beautiful! It is a wonderful part of our iconic downtown skyline.

  • Bo

    Peoria is simply America in the heartland. Both big city and home town amenities. What a wonderful place to be

  • Melissa

    Go Peoria! What a beautiful City Hall!

  • Brad

    Come on Peoria lets vote for city hall its a older building and beautiful

  • jlam

    Pasadena…no contest.

  • PeoriaNative309

    Peoria’s city hall is SO beautiful and has so much history. It plays in Peoria!! #309 #PeoriaLove

  • Jimmy Ulrich

    Peoria, Illinois all the way! How cool to be able to say Leslie Knope facts but… Peoria’s city hall is located in the heart of down town right next to our wonderful civic center arena and theatre venue. The venue hosts several big name acts, traveling productions, Bradley university games, hockey teams and an outdoor skating rink during the winter months. All these events are lucky enough to be next to our gorgeous city hall admired by all of the visitors are city is fortunate to have.

    • Katie Kim

      Love it!!

  • Stephanie

    Proud of my hometown, Peoria, IL! Peoria for the win!

  • Tiffany Dueñas

    Go Team Pasadena! The best city around!

  • Pasadena Chamber

    Pasadena City Hall is beautiful. It is a great public space and perfectly fits our great city.

  • Sonja Cisna Waters

    Go PEORIA!!!!

  • Juan S. E. Noff

    i live in pasadena and voted against it. This town is filled with corruption. Worst public school district in the area. Teacher union bullies run free and unobstructed. School board and the Pasadena Education Foundation (oldest in California) are filled with Liberal elites who are spineless puppets to public unions. A third of the community attend private schools. Selective access, prosecution and enforcement of rules, policies, laws are the foundation of this racist town. Reeks of political correctness and saul alinsky venom. All Saints church behind the city hall is really a liberal political action committee. More nonprofits in the nation per capita who basically are more about patting each other on the back than doing the work that’s needed. Cares more about HOW it looks on the outside than how it truly is. Leadership is akin to cancer and entrenched deep & wide. I will celebrate the day a massive earthquake levels half this town.

  • Wendy O’Laughlin

    Hey – you know it Plays in Peoria! Love this town and love the people.

  • Rose Bill-Cain

    Such an amazing stone structure that displays beautiful copper details and the huge bell. Gorgeous architectural designs throughout the building and art representing Peoria.

  • Clayton Hoskinson

    I like the old style of Pasdena

  • Melissa

    “This is where the rubber of government meets the road of actual human beings.”

    Not only is this the actual city used as the beloved Pawnee Indiana city hall but this has been an iconic place in Pasadena long before. It creates the atmosphere of a small town in the largness of LA county. You see this place and feel at home – next to Old Town and Paseo. When the sun shines on this building you see glowing hope and can for a moment feel at peace.

  • Molly Whalen Richmond

    When you think of Peoria IL the first thing that comes to mind is the saying, “will it play in Peoria?” Not only was that phrase coined after our beautiful town, but we also hold the title of the oldest Santa Clause parade in the nation. Not to mention the birthplace of one of the greatest comedians ever..Richard Pryor. Now Pasadena can boast about their Rose Parade and how many movies were shot at their city hall, but can they say that one of the greatest presidents ever, proclaimed his stance against slavery in a speech given just down the street from their city hall? Peoria can.. that’s right, Abe Lincoln made history in Peoria, IL when he first denounced slavery and history was made. And even though movies may have been shot at another city hall…Peoria’s legacy is etched in our nations history and I’m so proud to have a city hall that has endured the test of time.

  • Clara Gonzalez

    filled with history and surrounded by caring community pride. Peoria’s City Hall says it all!

  • Noah Mossman

    Pasadena City Hall is electric when lit up at night. It glows with majesty!!

  • Paul Little
  • Josie

    City of Pasadena: Beautiful City Hall, Beautiful City, Beautiful people.

  • Tink Cheney

    Pasadena City Hall is a spectacular structure that has aged beautifully! The central courtyard with fountain is a venue to die for. Besides city business, the City Hall has stared in films, hosted community gatherings and innumerable weddings. It is the jewel of the City of Pasadena (along with the Colorado Street Bridge)!

  • Verita

    Pasadena has the most beautiful city hall! Pasadena for the win!

  • chris
  • Myron Oakes

    Pasadena’s city hall is accessible, beautiful, historic, and functional. The courtyard is amazing, it’s the real deal, no doubt.

  • Kate @ Savour Fare

    Pasadena’s City Hall is part of its gorgeous civic center, with the (also gorgeous) public library, records office, courthouse, police station, and the civic auditorium. The courtyard and rotunda of City Hall are always accessible – a public building in the best senses of the word!

  • Ashley Nicole Tanabe

    Let’s go PASADENA!

  • DebM

    The Pasadena City Hall is beautiful inside and out….we have taken our kids there for their prom pictures, people do their wedding photos there….the list goes on and on. Its a gem for all to enjoy!

  • Bill

    I have been at both locations myself and there is nothing that compares to city hall in Pasadena, the feeling that you get as you are walking down on Holly st towards it is just incredible. It’s even mesmerizing as you start to climb up the stairs that take you to the fountain, the arquitectural structure is just marvel.
    Best for Pasadena.

  • Paul Little

    I love Pasadena City Hall. The most beautiful in the nation! Leslie Knope for President 2020 (if not sooner).

  • Karmann Ghia
  • Pasadena City Hall!! I was a project manager on the seismic retrofit and historic rehab of this icon building in 2007! Part of the Civic Center National Register Historic District and one of the last surviving City Beautiful movement group of buildings in the USA!

  • Paul Little

    I love Pasadena City Hall. I served on the city council for 12 years and always loved going there for meetings. Beautiful building, also beautiful views from the offices in the cupola. Now, about our bridge:

  • Pasa Restweek Love Pasadena City Hall. Love our restaurants. Love our shops. Love our neighborhoods. Love our downtown. Love our mountains. Love our parks. Pasadena ROCKS! Vote for Pasadena City Hall. And there’s that parade on New Year’s Day (and that game, too).

  • Pasa Restweek

    Pasadena has a b eautiful City Hall. Open to visitors. Wedding photographers. Tourists and community members. Love our restaurants. Love our shops. Love our parks. Love our universities. Love our space explorers. Love our mountains.

  • Mensamom

    The Peoria City Hall is an amazing building. The cornerstone was dedicated 120 years ago and it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973. It is made of Lake Superior red sandstone topped with a copper cupola bell tower. It was designed and built to be our City Hall and has always been our City Hall. It is a beautiful building and deserves to win!

  • Geoff Smith

    I love the Flemish Renaissance style

  • Sydney Feeney

    Pasadena has the most majestic city center in the country. It can be seen from all over the city and from any elevation

  • Amy Utech

    Vote vote vote Peoria!! You can’t get any better then our city all!! Heart of downtown!!

  • Pasa Restweek

    Pasadena City Hall was the location used for Parks and Recreation. Of course it is perfect to receive the first Leslie Knope Award!

  • Pasa Restweek

    Pasadena City Hall is the Pawnee City Hall from the show. Leslie B. Knope award belongs here!

  • Pasadena Chamber

    Pasadena City Hall is the location for Pawnee’s City Hall. Ummm. Pasadena is the perfect city to win the first Leslie Knope Award because we are the most beautiful city hall in the USA.

  • Pasadena Chamber
  • Shannon Kay Schooley

    Peoria’s City Hall is even more beautiful on the inside than the outside! Those railings.

  • Shelly thomas

    Peoria has so much History. The building is so beautiful, and so much is original to when it was first built. There’s also a tradition of carving your name in your desk when you move up to State level politics. So that’s another record of Peoria History that just doesn’t fit in books, you have to see. Everytime I’ve had to go to City Hall, the People have always been helpful and friendly. I walk by it frequently too and it’s a beautiful building to just look at. I like to take in the architechture and the attention paid to details. It’s such a pretty building and a proud part of Peoria history, I wish you’d consider us for this award.

  • sarah gruber

    LOVE Peoria City Hall!!!

  • Molly Whalen Richmond

    You can’t beat the heart of the Midwest..Peoria rocks.

  • Jane

    Peoria City Hall, yes! Looks great in 100 degree heat with 95% humidity. Looks fab in minus 25 degree cold with 12″ of snow. Looked mighty during the tornado warning two days ago. Looks resilient in a state with a reallllyyyy bad budget crisis. Walk right in to City Hall wearing your overalls and pay your taxes after you visit the farm equipment show at the Civic Center next door. Come pick up a building permit in your Bradley Braves hoodie before the basketball game in the arena next door. Pay your parking ticket wearing your finest before you attend the symphony concert in the theater next door. Talk to Economic Development about starting a new business and then head around the block to Kenny’s Westside Pub for a burger. Vote Peoria!

  • Rebecca Takahashi

    Pasadena City Hall is the biggest and brightest jewel of the Crown City.

  • stacy

    No comparison, Pasadena ALL THE WAY!!!!!!

  • Cristina Colón
  • nm19
  • Tana Tane

    Pasadena for SURE!! I love walking/driving by City Hall. It’s a true beacon and a “welcome home” landmark!

  • Joyce Young

    Pasadena City Hall holds a special place in my heart. This is where I married my husband 5 years ago. Their blooming garden and spectacular water fountain served as a romantic backdrop to our special day.

  • SoCalNative

    Pasadena City Hall all day every day.

  • AnnMarie Ppl

    Peoria is beautiful, but Pasadena is MAJESTIC

  • Jeremy Taylor

    There is so much history in Peoria, IL! Did you know it was the whiskey capital of the world at one point?

  • artinvent

    You can walk to the top of the Pasadena come for a stunning 360 view of the San Gabriel Mountains and the surrounding cities. There is a long standing ordinance that Leslie Knope would love that says no building in Pasadena can be built taller than City Hall, so the view of the dome can never be obstructed. A vast open square in front, with the gorgeous library just north, the historic Civic Auditorium to the south, and the old ’70s mall that blocked the connecting corridor was rebuilt a few years ago to provide an open pedestrian concourse between it all. Superb.

  • Bryan Sands

    Why is there even a question about this. Pasadena City Hall has no equal!!!

  • pvalencia

    Pasadena City Hall-Leslie Knope Award, it was meant to be!
    Vote “Pasadena” NOW!!!

  • Linda

    As evidenced by the numerous professional photo shoots every day at the City Hall, Pasadena is easily the most beautiful!

  • Pasadena Chamber

    Of course Pasadena City Hall is most beautiful. Day or night (or in between). Inside and out. You can even find where Leslie Knope’s office entrance is (was).

  • PaniJess

    This trophy belongs in our beautiful Pasadena City Hall!

  • Betsy Mertens

    Pasadena has the most beautiful city hall and it reflects the gracious nature of the city. Come and visit and you will see!

  • Lola Adkins

    Peoria City Hall. Beautiful inside and out.

  • Sally DeVore

    Pasadena City Hall not only serves the purpose of housing various city departments in an elegant historical setting, but provides a serene spot for spiritual or artistic soul searching (and it’s free!)
    – Sally D.

  • Jennifer Herrera


  • Keys
  • Kaylee Gleason

    Peoria is a truly All-American City! #peoriaforthewin #itplaysinpeoria

  • tdenise104

    I have to say I love Pasadena and our beautiful City Hall. What better place??

  • Paco S Sanchez

    Pasadena Cit Hall it’s simply BEAUTIFUL.

  • William Boyer
  • Renee Gorrell

    Go Peoria!

  • Paul Little
  • Pasadena Chamber

    Pasadena has a beautiful city hall. We also have a great downtown, safe and walkable 12 months per year. I would invite everyone to visit (spend money) and experience one of the finest small cities in the USA. Oh, and there’s that parade, too.

  • Bonnie de Bungalow

    Not only is the Pasadena City Hall an architectural gem, it’s at the center of a grand intersection of Holly Street and Garfield, with the library to the north and civic center to the south. It feels European and majestic. And the courtyard, with the Spanish Revival fountain, is stately and charming. Dare I say, it’s the most beautiful City Hall in the world! 😉

  • Pasadena Chamber

    Pasadena City Hall has withstood earthquakes, floods. windstorms, snow and crazy politicians. It is by far the nicest city hall in the country. We even have Bill Nye the Science Guy at the Planetary Society.

  • Lara Aaron

    Peoria is amazing – love the metal dome! My daughter has loved the city hall since she went there on a field trip when she was 8. Beautiful inside and out.

  • Lara Aaron

    go Peoria l!

  • Laurie Bollman-Little

    Pasadena City Hall is the most beautiful in the country. Withstands earthquakes, snowstorms and local political shenanigans. Great building

  • Elizabeth Wholihan

    Amazing architecture in a great American Midwest town. Go Peoria!

  • Liz

    Peoria has it all and a great city hall

  • Jose Flores

    Pasadena’s City Hall has definitely no contender as for beauty, arquitectural details and relevant history. I’m foreign but I’ve been living in Pasadena for the last 14 years, growing up in my country I remembered waking up every January 1st and tuning in to watch the Rose Parade and thinking “what a beautiful city”. Pasadena it’s world known and with all do respect to City of Peoria, I think Pasadena takes the cake!

  • Laurie Bollman-Little

    Pasadena City Hall. It is truly wonderful. And the cheeseburger was invented here.

  • Imsummerjohnson

    My mom’s office was in Pasadena City Hall when I grew up. My stepdad is in charge of making sure the lights are always working correctly.
    When I come home from college, I take a moment to just stare at it against the night.

    Once, when I was a tiny little girl, the entire building conspired to help me and my cousin believe that a princess lived in the tower.

    My sweet sixteen photos were taken here. I skinned my knee on a hallway here when I was 4.
    I have Easter photos with my cousins on the front steps and I know exactly what the floor feels like under my shoes.

    From my grandmother’s backyard, you can see the highest point. A constant reminder of the city I love.

    Pasadena City Hall is more than a beautiful building, it’s home.

  • Pasadena Chamber

    Pasadena City Hall has welcomed everyone from the Dalai Lama to Leslie Knope. It is a beautiful building with a great history. And then, there is the parade.

  • Chris Miller

    How could anyone deny Pawnee City Hall the Leslie B. Knope award? Pasadena should win this by default. Ya heard?

  • Liz

    Peoria has it all and a wonderful city hall

  • Brad

    Peoria will be hosting March madness next week and the City hall will be greeting the fans to Peoria. They will enjoy the beauty that we already know about.

  • Ben
  • Connie Duffy

    Peoria City Hall is a true historical beauty. Look at the City Hall Guide at and you’ll see why!

  • Pasadena Chamber

    Pasadena City Hall is the pride of the San Gabriel Valley and the end of the rainbow, too. Of course it deserves the win!

  • Kerri Kilby Johnson

    Peoria City Hall sits next to the Peoria Civic Center … a great combination of old and new, historic and modern. Both architecturally unique. #Peorialove

  • Susan Tuttle

    Peoria City Hall stands strong & stays beautiful in every season!

  • Drew Eggert

    go peoria!

  • Super Slimy Slitherin Snitch’s

    we get snow every year btw (peoria) and the picture below is displaying what we would call a light dusting

  • Becca Miller

    Let’s go Peoria. I’ve lived here my while life and I haven’t found a better city hall than ours….. it is so beautiful. I love it. LET’S GO PEORIA

  • Becca Miller

    Go Peoria

  • Becca Miller
  • Drew Eggert

    Peoria Illinois is the standard of excellence.We have a diverse community of learners, with a rich tradition of excellence. We actively participate in a safe and enriching learning environment where our needs and aspirations are customized. We will accomplish all kinds of success, increase personal growth, and increase social responsibility!

  • Becca Miller

    We have personalized door handles that say Peoria City hall. it is amazing. Always love looking at it when I go to the Civic Center

  • Tanya

    Go Peoria!

  • Gaye Lauss

    Why is it that when I try to vote it says my vote has already been counted? Something’s not right. It’s done this all week. I’ve had others say the same thing. Something’s not right…..?

  • Drew Eggert

    go go peoria!

  • Kyle Rayner

    Let’s go Pasadena, Ca!

  • Jillian Light

    The history of the Peoria City Hall makes it a win for me!

  • Mark Misselhorn

    Peoria’s City Hall…her beauty could make a person dizzy!

  • PeoriaNative309

    Love Peoria’s city hall!

  • Margaret Walker

    Peoria has a “work of Art” for it’s City Hall….beautiful inside and out….

  • PeoriaNative309

    Hope my hometown wins – Go Peoria!

  • PeoriaNative309

    Peoria, Peoria, Peoria <3

  • Jerry King

    Peoria, has the character of true Old Time City Hall with all the amenities of the modern era, which makes it truly spectacular.

  • Bryce Garber

    Born and raised in Peoria. Peoria was THE city at the turn of the century and this city hall was there and continues to be here for all the historic things our city does for the country and world!

  • Raven

    I feel lucky to work at Peoria City Hall each day!

  • Ed Olehy

    Peoria City Hall all the way!! Beautiful building with a lot of great history.

  • Eileen Ruby Setti

    Peoria’s City Hall reflects our community–hard working with a splash of elegance. Peoria isn’t just IN the Heart of Illinois…we ARE the Heart!!

  • Molly Whalen Richmond

    Peoria City Hall stands tall.. for one and all.

  • Cristin Robertson

    As much as I love Leslie Knope, it doesn’t beat Peoria’s secret beer logo embedded in the ornamental architecture of the building.

  • Katherine Paton

    I love peoria!

  • Jessica Stackle

    Peoria all the way!!!

  • Liz

    Peoria has it all and a great city hall

  • Alicia Turner

    Absolutely love Peoria’s historic City Hall! What a gem our little town has. Leslie could even enjoy her waffles out in the courtyard while admiring our architectural wonders.

  • Brenda Mahoney

    Vote Peoria!

  • Mark Misselhorn

    Love Peoria;s histroic city hall!

  • Jeremy Taylor

    Peoria is amazing!

  • Pamela Sheppard Knapp
  • Pamela Sheppard Knapp

    Pasadena all the way…

  • Mark Misselhorn

    Love the iconic copper bell tower of the Peoria City Hall!

  • Mark Misselhorn

    Red sandstone- yes, please! Love Peoria;s historic city hall!

  • Mark Misselhorn

    Ice skating right next door to our awesome city hall- love it! Go Peoria!

  • Mark Misselhorn

    My wife’s Dad was named after the builder of Peoria’s historic city hall. John R Whalen. Right there on the cornerstone!

  • Mark Misselhorn

    Peoria- In the Heart of Illinois, in the heart of the country!

  • Mark Misselhorn

    Peoria’ city hall- 118 years old, and still going strong! It’s an excellent example of historic preservation.

  • Mark Misselhorn

    The fourth floor council chambers of the city hall are beautiful. They truly don’t make ’em like this anymore!

  • Mark Misselhorn

    The city has done an amazing job of remodeling the interior of Peoria’s city hall in a very sensitive way. Beautiful.

  • Mark Misselhorn

    Peoria’s historic city hall has seen our downtown change and grow around it (over 118 years)- while she stays relevant and gorgeous!

  • Mark Misselhorn

    I even love the back-in diagonal parking in front of city hall (cutting edge stuff)! Go Peoria!

  • Mark Misselhorn

    Who doesn’t love the old with the new- Peoria’s historic city hall is surrounded by modern, but it’s look is timeless!

  • Mark Misselhorn

    Peoria’s city hall is like a living museum, with gorgeous sculptures, murals and the architectue. Awesome!

  • Mark Misselhorn

    Such a unique look with the Flemish Renaissance style- really cool. Love Peoria’s historic city hall. Long may she govern!

  • Mark Misselhorn

    River City rocks- Go Peoria! Lets win this!!

  • Mark Misselhorn

    Thanks, ELGL- for forming this city hall competition. It’s fun to come together to show civic pride . Go Peoria!!

  • Mark Misselhorn

    The whole city is behind the city hall competition. We want to win this- for our historic city hall! Peoria Rocks!

    • Eileen Ruby Setti

      Woo HOO Peoria!!

  • Constance Clark

    Peoria has a rich and vibrant history. Not only has it been named All-American city several times, but it is the home of talented comedians, such as Richard Pryor, and amazing artists.

  • kim

    Peoria needs a little good PR right now – we can do this.

  • kim

    Peoria City Hall is one of the most beautiful in the US

  • Meray Tabakian

    PASADENA CITY HALL is absolutely beautiful! I grew up in this city and love it so much! I’m proud to say that “Parks & Rec” was filmed in my hometown’s city hall!!! We deserve the Leslie B. Knope trophy!!!!

  • Meray Tabakian

    PASADENA CITY HALL is absolutely beautiful!! I grew up in this city and love it so much! I’m proud to say that “Parks and Rec” was filmed in my hometown’s city halld! We deserve the Leslie Knope Trophy!!!

  • Rebecca Takahashi

    Lucky to live in work in Pasadena, and see the sight of City Hall everday.

  • Renee Gorrell


  • Renee Gorrell

    Let’s do this Peoria!

  • Jessica Grady

    Peoria will always have a piece of my heart (:

  • Nick

    104 steps from first floor to Council Chambers

  • Jeremy Taylor

    Peoria is rich with history and truly deserving!

  • Eileen Ruby Setti

    What makes Peoria’s City Hall so beautiful are the amazing people who work there every day for our community.
    Thank you!!

  • Nick

    Peoria City Hall is awesome. Right in the heart of downtow

  • Jenny Matarelli Shimon

    Peoria’s city hall is a thing of historical beauty!

  • Paul Little

    Pasadena City Hall is absolutely the finest in the nation! Vote for beauty and functionality.

  • Pasadena Chamber

    Pasadena City Hall is a great venue for shows and music with the fabulous courtyard interior and plaza out front. You gotta love Pasadena City Hall

    • Rebecca Takahashi

      Agreed! This beautiful building needs no words to draw thousands to take amateur and professional photos, host community events, and film commercials/tv/movies.

  • Renee Gorrell


  • Alicia Turner

    Let’s go Peoria! We’ve got this! Let’s show everyone how amazing our city hall is!

  • Andrew Johnson

    Peoria is the best!

  • Eileen Ruby Setti

    This is awesome ELGL!!
    Peoria high schoolers and middle schoolers are rockin’ the vote and working with their friends!
    Pride in Peoria!!

  • Zyrel

    Pasadena City Hall is more beautiful at night!

  • Jessica Dillon

    So happy to be greeted by Peoria City Hall when I left a lunch meeting today. Brings a smile to my face to see the heart of our city 🙂

  • Lucas Woith

    There’s no doubt Peoria should win this!

  • Eileen Ruby Setti

    Peoria is pulling it together!!

    Play it in Peoria!!!

  • Bonnie Bakin

    Peoria City Hall, so beautiful inside, even paying parking tickets is pleasant.

  • sarah gruber

    Go Peoria!!!!!

  • Sarah Glover

    Love for Peoria City hall! It stands out in the waves of architectural mishaps that roll across our downtown.

  • Brad Johnson

    Love the classic architecture of Peoria’s City Hall against the modern backdrop of the Peoria Civic Center — a Philip Johnson design. Very cool!

  • robert

    peorias the standard of excellence


    I love how Pasadena City Hall’s architecture reflects not just a Pasadena ethos – expansive, generous, open – but also California history, a long way back

  • Brenda Butler Smith

    The architecture of Peoria’s City Hall is awesome inside and out.

  • Sharon Christian Hammer

    I used black/white photos of the upper floor of the Peoria City Hall as Ms in making a framed collage for my last name.

  • Brenda Butler Smith

    Love the history of Peoria and it’s city hall.

  • Kristi Bowlin Hoyle

    My vote is for Peoria!!!

  • Jessica Gonzales

    Pasadena City Hall is iconic — one of the most beautiful in the country. And it was in Parks & Rec!

  • Rebecca Takahashi

    Great aerial shot of Pasadena City Hall and gorgeous interior courtyard.…jpg

    • Rebecca Takahashi

      The dome is usually home to mother hawks that nest and have their babies each season. You can see the momma and poppa hawks circling in the mornings, and hear the chirps of the babies. Nature still exists in this vibrant urban environment.

      • Pasadena Chamber

        Thanks for your support. Al the best!

  • Brenda Butler Smith

    Love the traditional look of Peoria City Hall.

  • Jeanine Wester

    Peoria’s city hall is fabulous inside and out!

  • Run with Jess

    Love my work neighbor, Peoria City Hall!! #TeamPeoria

  • Katie Kim

    Beautiful image of our city hall walking to the Peoria Rivermen game!!

  • Geoff Smith

    The City Hall in Peoria is an authentic example of the Flemish Renaissance style. There are several other such style buildings from the turn of the century. However, the City Hall is the only buildings of this type in the area executed in red sandstone and terra cotta. There is outstanding stained glass in a skylight on the fourth floor that is visible on all floors around a central light well. Beautiful ironwork is used throughout for handrails on the open stairs. My wife’s great grandfather was a stone mason on this project. His name is inscribed on the cornerstone.

  • Renee Gorrell

    Oh ya, Peoria all the way!

  • Liz

    Go Peoria

  • Erynn

    I grew up in Peoria. When I was little I thought our City Hall was such a huge building! It certainly doesn’t seem to be nearly as big, but I still marvel at the beauty of this building.

  • Julie M K

    Pasadena’s stunning City Hall crowns one of America’s most traditional cities. Completed in 1927, it has remained a landmark of Southern California. Pasadena draws many from the heartland yearly with its 128-year-old New Year’s tradition, as many gather to celebrate their favorite Big 10 team compete against a perfect sunset. I believe many not too far from Peoria made the trek in 2008 and 1984 (against USC and UCLA).

  • Geoff Smith

    The City Hall building in Peoria is fully functional as an office building for the city of Peoria. The building has been upgraded several times in recent years. The City Council meets weekly in the Chambers that were renovated within the last couple of years. The audio visual system provides state of the art communications equipment for the Mayor and the Council to hear testimony from citizens and groups making presentations. The chambers have also had the coffered ceilings restored and a large mural has been repainted. In summary this historic building has been treasured and invested in by our local government to function well into the future. Peoria is commited to the restoration of many historic structures in the central business district and the recently registered historic Warehouse District

  • Liz


  • Carolyn

    Peoria city hall is so beautiful. Vote Peoria!

  • Susan Tuttle

    Peoria City Hall – gem of Peoria IL

  • Armando G.

    Pasadena, the Rose Parade, Rose Bowl Game, home to Parks and Recreation! Save Pawneee!!!

  • Susan Tuttle

    Peoria City Hall: stairway to artistry

  • Armando G.

    Pasadena City Hall was the Setting for Parks and Recreation, save Pawnee!!!!

  • Armando G.

    Dont forget of our great American Tradition the Rose Parade, the Annual Rose Bowl Game!!! Pasadena is beautiful and with great pride, American!

  • Eileen Ruby Setti

    Way to take Pride in Peoria!!

  • John Schaefer

    One looks so stately and beautiful and the other just looks like a big apartment building. I know I don’t have to say which is which.

  • Kip Strasma

    Peoria! Beautiful. Win!

  • John duncan

    P-Town city hall reps the city’s swag pretty Gucci. Stay swaggitty Peoria city hall. Keep it real g.

  • Cyndi Merrill

    Peoria is the awesome-sauciest!

  • Jacob Wilson

    Go Peoria!! #PeoriaPride

  • Armando G.

    I voted Pasadena, it’s simply more beautiful!

  • Patti Glover Pitcher

    Peoria City Hall is well-maintained.

  • Patti Glover Pitcher

    Oh, and Peoria’s City Hall is still the heartbeat of the community!

  • Armando G.

    Pasadena is still the most beautiful City Hall!

  • Dale Stanhope

    Pasadena is the best!!!!!!

  • Barbara Dillard McCallon

    Pasadena City Hall is exquisite and breathtaking and truly a piece of art. Incomparable to any other.

  • ahistoryfan

    The people of Peoria are what makes it great. Small town caring with large town amenities.

  • Melissa

    Peoria, IL hands down has a beautiful City Hall building. It’s such a classic structure and I definitely feel that Peoria should win

  • Janis Straesser

    Peoria is the best kept secret in the State of Illinois! A beautiful city, easy to get around, fabulous arts community, and strong heritage of volunteerism. So proud to be a Peorian.

  • Pasadena Chamber

    Thanks to everyone who participated. Thanks to the more than 10,000 voters who supported Pasadena. We made a good showing, but congrats to Peoria for getting their numbers up at the end.

  • Shawna Yetka

    Pasadena City Hall is so special to me I just had to share some photos. I walk by Pasadena City Hall every day to work (to Pasadena Community Foundation next door). On my second date with husband we walked around here and later took our wedding photos here in Nov! I have so many photos I just had to share some!