Little Chute, WI vs. Vancouver, WA

Little Chute, WI vs. Vancouver, WA

Over the past four weeks, ELGL members and friends took part in ELGL City Hall Madness, narrowing the field from 64 to this week as we head into the Final Four.

Vote in the head-to-head match-ups to determine which city hall advances to the championship round. Voting ends at 11:59 EST on March 3. Follow along and fill out your own bracket as we release the winners from each round.

Tournament Dates

  • Week of January 30: Round of 64
  • Week of February 6: Round of 32
  • Week of February 13: Sweet 16
  • Week of February 20: Elite 8
  • Week of February 27: Final 4
  • Week of March 6: National Championship

Press Clippings

Wisconsin Public Radio: Village Takes On Much Larger Municipalities In Online, NCAA-Like Competition

Little Chute Village Administrator James Fenlon credits its success in “City Hall Madness” to its signature Dutch windmill operating in its recently renovated village hall that features Old World European architecture, a nod to the village’s Dutch immigrant heritage.

WMBD: Peoria Caught Up In ‘City Hall Madness’

“The thing that we’re really vying for, the thing that means the most to us, is the Leslie B. Knope trophy. We’re all really big ‘Parks and Rec’ fans. And, we really want to bring that to Peoria.”

Post Crescent: Little Chute advances to Elite Eight in contest

The village’s magical run through the City Hall Madness tournament for the best-looking city hall in the country is showing no signs of slowing down.

Journal Star: It isn’t Presidents Day, not even at Peoria City Hall

The quarterfinal for Peoria’s 118-year-old municipal structure is an intrastate battle. The opponent is a young pup, the 20-year-old city hall in Effingham, home of Uwe Blab and the Flaming Hearts. (That is not the name of a band. High school basketball fans know of what we speak.)

More Press!

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  • Village Resident

    Bravo Little Chute! A beautiful village hall in a beautiful village full of beautiful people! Awesome!

  • Ellen Mischler

    We love Little Chute. We are a close knit community that cares for and supports each other. That is how we have come this far. Thank you everyone!

  • Village Resident

    The Village of Little Chute’s architect beautifully ties in the Windmill architecture to the current structure. The outside courtyard area allows for small community gatherings, and the landscaping is carrying over the Dutch traditions. I absolutely love Little Chute, the Fox River area, and the care the residents take with their homes, traditions, and community. The windmill had its sails going last week, and the view alongside with the Village Hall was absolutely stunning!

  • A local Vancouverian

    The ‘couve! Vancouver is too often overshadowed by it’s big sister city, PDX. But this just shows there is a lot to love about it!

  • Jan

    The ‘Couv is groovy. I can walk or bike to almost anything. I can bike across the river to the other groovy city here in the PNW. Mountains, rivers, trees, small town friendliness and calm with some big town opportunity and variety. #ELGLCityHall

  • Teresa Schnitzler

    It’s a Wisconsin municipality. Need we say more?! Wisconsin rocks!!!!

  • Madeleine Dulemba

    Vancouver’s City Hall is a great example of reuse and sustainability and represents an outstanding contribution to downtown revitalization. Originally, this beautiful building was constructed to house the local newspaper (The Columbian). When the paper fell on hard times during the Great Recession, the City stepped up, bought the building, and moved in. The paper moved back to its former location, the City got a great home in a beautiful landmark, and the former tired 1950s city building was redeveloped with private money and is today fully occupied. Excellent work by all involved.

  • Robyn Gwen

    Little chute was doing amazing what happened!!! Lets go little chute make wisco proud!

  • Village Resident

    Let’s go Little Chute! I am so proud to be in the top 4, so win or lose the Little Chute pride shows through. Thanks to all the family, friends, leagues, media and state wide support. Vancouver has 16x our population, and other matchups have had a real imbalance in population as well. We have everything to be proud about to make it this far! Thumbs up, heads up, overfill with pride because we deserve it! We know that our village hall rocks, but truly it is all of us that make it great! #runthetable #ELGLCityHall

  • Gina Hoggan

    You can’t see it, but right across the street from Vancouver’s lovely town hall is a gorgeous park with walking paths, clocktower, sculptures, band stand, and playground. Also unseen is the posh interior of our lovely town hall. On the top of the town hall is a roof top garden where in the summertime we can sit outside and watch the free concerts in the park. The ‘Couve is cool 😉

  • Patti Maggiora

    Vancouver has the best City Hall, Leed Gold building surrounded by amazing revitalized downtown area. There’s Esther Short Park across the street which is a popular gathering place year round with concerts and festivals and includes Propstra Square, the historic Slocum House, a family friendly playground, and our Farmers Market. Besides being the BEST City Hall, we also have amazing DEDICATED people serving there who believe in engaging the community well.

  • Village Resident

    This is it! Over half our population has voted and that’s a win in and of itself. Little Chute’s village hall is not only beautiful but functional too. The windmill on it’s plaza did not cost the taxpayers any money. The money was raised and donated by the great people of our village. The windmill was built in Holland, shipped and then assembled here in Little Chute. The village plaza serves as a way to bring the community together with picnics, markets, parties, music and children activities. This is all adjacent to the village library and in the heart of downtown. The village hall still serves as a meeting place for the American Legion, Boy Scouts and even a local church group. It houses some of the most dedicated and friendly staff. I don’t have a dutch heritage, but it is felt throughout the community and it’s one that I am very proud to be a part of. #runthetable #ELGLCityHall

  • Erik Morton

    I’m voting Vancouver! Best looking downtown in the USA! 🙂

  • Village Resident

    Check out how village hall utilizes it’s plaza for young and old. This is a tribute from the American Legion celebrating Veteran’s Day. The local school comes to celebrate and understand the importance of celebrating those who have fought for our country. It is tied in with school curriculum as well.

  • Judi

    Wouldn’t want to live anywhere but Vancouver. Roll on, Columbia!

  • Patty Green Carroll

    Our city Hall in Vancouver WA. makes you feel warm and inviting as soon as you enter it. From the bike racks out front to the huge fireplace inside it is a good example of how we live in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Scott Carroll

    I love that Vancouver’s City Hall is located across from our city park and “town square”

  • Michele Wollert

    Vancouver’s City Hall is a beautiful re-puposed architectural gem, sitting proudly in the heart of one of the most welcoming city in the USA.

  • Michele Wollert

    Vancouver’s city hall is a beautiful re-puposed architectural gem, sitting proudly in the heart of one of the most welcoming historic cities in the USA.

  • Rory Hurst

    Let’s go Little Chute!

  • Name


  • Jenna J.

    Little Chute’s town Hall revolves around the Dutch heritage that the town was started on. It is there to help show everyone who visits where we came from!

  • Elyse Lloyd

    We are so proud of our community!

  • Jenae

    Little Chute is called the Great LC for a reason. We are a close knit community with a love for all things Dutch!

  • Gatorgirl

    I’m a Florida native but it never felt as much as home as Vancouver does to me. The best city in the world.

  • Sharon Morton

    Let’s do this Vancouver!!

  • Holly Baxter

    Vancouver Wa has an amazing City Hall and the community is rockin!

  • Jill

    Go Little Chute!!!

  • Bethany Zepeda

    Vancouver’s city hall is a beautiful repurposed building! Warm, inviting and right in the heart of Vancouver!!

  • jenna janssen

    Little Chute deserves the small town recognition!

  • Debbie H.

    The Vancouver City Hall is an amazing building from the artwork to the amazing folks that work there. The fire place and holiday decors are awesome. Throughout the years, there have been many different events including difference grade school children that visit our city hall and even get to play roles as city council members. We sit on the glittering Columbia River across from a major city but have a relaxed small town community life style. All the summer events in the Esther Short Park make this City Hall Location a perfect City Hall. Go, go, go Vancouver, WA…you deserve it!!!

  • lalitha padala

    Right across the Columbia River city park accessible and beautiful views of mount hood in the couve. Vancouver city that’s evolving .