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Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Yes, Your Sleep Schedule Is Making You Sick: What jet lag, insomnia and mental illness have in common.

GOP Health Care Bill Could Leave 24M More Without Coverage By 2026, CBO Says: The Congressional Budget Office has released a report on the potential impact of the House GOP health care bill.

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A Solar Bet to Recharge Buffalo: Whether it was Buffalo’s early prosperity or its failed attempts to fight off decline since, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo sees something there that has held his fascination as long as he’s been governor of New York State.

President Trump to visit Detroit area to talk auto jobs, deregulation: At the former GM plant Willow Run plant, the president might announce a roll back of fuel efficiency standards.

Should Seattle tax sugary drinks? Here’s what the health research says — and doesn’t say: Seattle Mayor Ed Murray wants a tax on sodas and other sugary drinks, in part to reduce consumption and improve health.

Bidding wars in February: Fevered Portland homebuyers pay more than asking price: In Portland’s hot real estate market, modest homes are entered in bidding wars. A previous study of 2016 real estate transactions showed that residential properties were going quickly for up to almost double the asking price. A look at 10 homes that sold for so much more than the asking price in January 2017 reflected properties long on the market. Here, we continue our series to document bidding wars each month once information is available from the real estate database Estately. Here’s what sold over the asking price in February 2017.

Spicer: Trump ‘doesn’t really think’ Obama wiretapped him personally: White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Monday that President Donald Trump “doesn’t really think” that Barack Obama “tapped his phone personally,” seeming to walk back Trump’s explosive and unsubstantiated claim that his predecessor ordered an illegal wiretap of Trump Tower.

The Fate of the Critic in the Clickbait Age: In 1992, when I moved to New York and began to write about classical music, every major city newspaper had at least one writer covering the field, sometimes several writers. I would see knots of critics at performances, gaggles of them at big premières. In the intervening years, the ranks of the profession have steadily dwindled, to the point where fewer than ten American papers have full-time classical critics on staff. Longtime colleagues have taken buyouts. Last year, Timothy Mangan, who had been at the Orange County Register for eighteen years, was let go with two weeks’ severance. It’s like being in an exceedingly dull, slow version of Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None.”

Local Gov Confidential 

Judge rules against candidate attempting to get on mayoral ballot: Kacey Cordes’ bid to get on mayoral ballot hits roadblock.

Low-profile agency plays outsized economic development role: St. Louis County Port Authority funds a lot of projects. Very few of them have anything to do with ports.

Along for the Ride: Big plans, but little money, for West Florissant Avenue revitalization: Street was site of protests seen around the world following the death of Michael Brown in 2014.

Stack Stays: The Doe Run Co. plans this year to start demolishing the five main buildings that made up its Herculaneum smelting operation, as well as the 11 remaining houses from the company’s voluntary buyout program.

Time Running Out for Historic Lake Bluff Home:  Owners of a historic Lake Bluff home with unobstructed views of Lake Michigan have few obstacles left preventing them from demolishing it, but the village’s Historic Preservation Commission is doing what it can.