Today’s Buzz features a private rail project, a privately-funded public park, and Trump’s plan to undo auto emission standards. Not only that but today only you get a free color blind test (but not really, because ELGL is not a doctor–seriously, go to a doctor for this sort of stuff).

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Federal Judge Blocks Trump’s Latest Travel Ban Nationwide: A judge in Hawaii stopped the president’s revised travel ban from taking effect on Wednesday, dealing another legal blow to the administration.

The House Republicans Calling for Climate Action in the Trump Era: At a time when President Donald Trump is working to dismantle former President Barack Obama’s environmental legacy, more than a dozen House Republicans are calling for action to confront the threat of a changing climate.

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Every Worker in Downtown Columbus Could Have a Free Bus Pass Coming Their Way: A program under consideration by the Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District could be the envy of central business district’s all over the country.

As Drug Costs Soar, People Delay Or Skip Cancer Treatments: Cancer patients increasingly delay or skip taking medication because they can’t afford it. New drugs that can cost $100,000 or more a year mean more people suffering “financial toxicity.”

BART’s Six-Month Transit Incentive Experiment Reports Mixed Success: The BART Perks pilot program was the first transit incentive program in the country.

President Trump set to undo Obama’s auto emissions limits: Trump announced Wednesday that he will cancel an executive order that sets stringent automotive emissions through 2025 models.

The Gentrification Discussion Arrives in Tucson: Concerns about affordability and cultural identity are emerging in Mexican-American and African-American neighborhoods in Tucson.

Tempest at U.N. Over Report Saying Israel Practices Apartheid: A United Nations commission’s report led to furious denunciations by Israel and the United States, and the secretary general distanced himself from it.

Local Gov Confidential 

‘I’m not retired’: Joe Arpaio launches conservative non-profit: Former Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio has launched the Sheriff Joe Arpaio Action Fund, an issue-advocacy non-profit.

Emotional tribute celebrates life of fire captain who ‘gave it all to this city’: Hundreds of mourners celebrated the life of Houston fire Capt. William “Iron Bill” Dowling, who died last week from complications suffered in a 2013 fire that also killed four other firefighters.

Debate: Is a ‘Restaurant Recession’ a Sign of Urban Decline? Examining both sides of a debate about whether the urban revival’s high-water mark is visible in the restaurant sector.

Massive Privately Financed Public Park Being Built In Lakeland, Florida: An abandoned railyard on the edge of downtown Lakeland is being transformed into a 160-acre urban green oasis by a group of local philanthropists.

Nation’s Only Privately Funded Express Rail Service to Launch in July: Good and bad news for followers of Brightline, a South Florida rail start-up. Service between West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale begins in July, with Miami soon thereafter, but opponents may hamper extension to Orlando.