Volcker Alliance Research: Preparing Tomorrow’s Public Service

This is a guest blog post by Maggie Mello and Peter Morrissey with the Volcker Alliance.

Hello ELGL members!

The Volcker Alliance is thrilled to officially join ELGL as an organizational member. We are already so impressed with the enthusiasm and energy of the ELGL community. Thank you to those of you who have already found us on Twitter and given us a warm welcome!

We wanted to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and one current initiative that may be particularly relevant to ELGL members.

The Volcker Alliance was launched in 2013 by former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Paul A. Volcker to address the challenge of effective implementation of public policies and to help rebuild public trust in government.

Realizing this vision of trusted, effective government requires that the people who implement policies possess the skills, knowledge, and integrity to meet the nation’s challenges—public servants like you!

Toward this end, we launched an initiative called “Preparing Tomorrow’s Public Service,” or PTPS. We have two main goals:

  • Engage with rising leaders in government to identify the essential skills and competencies required of an effective managerial public servant of 2025 and beyond and
  • Generate ideas for educational innovations that can support future public managers in attaining those skills and competencies.

We have recently completed a series of focus groups with “next generation” leaders in local, state, and federal government in Austin, Seattle, New York, and Washington, DC. They gave us valuable perspectives on the skills and competencies required to make a difference in government as well as helpful feedback on how they train and develop.

To build on the focus groups, we are preparing to launch a short online survey on the same topic that would be available to a broader group of rising government leaders around the country. Here is where we want to invite the ELGL community to help shape our initiative! We hope you can spare 10-15 minutes of your time.

Tell us what you think the essential skills and competencies will be for success in government service in 2025 and beyond. Tell us about how you improve your work and how you want to receive training. No one is better equipped to answer these questions than a national group of engaged and motivated local government leaders like ELGL. Plus, if you participate we’ll give you an amazon gift card or we’ll make a donation to a charity or to ELGL- you pick!

The survey will be posted on ELGL.org very soon. We wanted to give you a heads-up about this survey and why it’s important for you to participate and respond.

Ultimately, with the help of partner organizations like ELGL, we hope to turn what we learn into strong professional development offerings for emerging government leaders like you. We’re excited for the Volcker Alliance to collaborate with ELGL on initiatives that will support committed government leaders across the country and enhance government effectiveness.

We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions about the Volcker Alliance, the PTPS initiative, or the survey specifically, please do not hesitate to reach out. We’re happy to hear from any fellow ELGL members with an interest in our work and a shared passion for government service.

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