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  • ‘An Act of Presidential Imperialism’: President Donald Trump’s extraordinary decision to fire the FBI director James Comey is a stunning moment in American politics, one that has historians reaching back decades for any parallels.
  • Don’t Let Facebook Make You Miserable: We are all dimly aware that everybody else can’t possibly be as successful, rich, attractive, relaxed, intellectual and joyous as they appear to be on Facebook. Yet we can’t help comparing our inner lives with the curated lives of our friends.
  • Anne Morrissy Merick, a Pioneer From Yale to Vietnam, Dies at 83:  Merick, who as a television field producer persuaded the Pentagon to overturn an edict that prevented women in the press corps from covering combat during the Vietnam War, died on May 2.


TIL about Detroit… Knowing the Difference between “Yoopers” and “Trolls”

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  • Forest Lake, Minnesota, city of nearly 20K, votes to disband police department: The Forest Lake City Council in Minnesota voted to disband its police force Monday in favor of contracting law enforcement services from the local county’s Sheriff’s Office, provoking responses ranging from high school walkouts to calls for the mayor’s resignation.
  • Confusion at City Hall over Beale Street Bucks Program: City officials call Memphis in May their Super Bowl, attracting hundreds of thousands of people downtown for festivals and activities. It also draws in big crowds to iconic Beale Street.
  • Charlotte City Council tightens ethics rules: The Charlotte City Council tightened its ethics rules for elected officials Monday, requiring council members to tell the public more about their business dealings and forbidding many gifts. The new ethics policy comes in the wake of the biggest scandal in local government history: the case of former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon. He was arrested last year on federal corruption charges after taking bribes from undercover FBI agents, and pleaded guilty to one count.