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  •  America’s Largest Suburb Flirts with Urbanization. A 133-square-mile burb extending eastward and southward from Phoenix, Mesa, Arizona is not the largest city not at the center of a metropolitan area. Fort Worth, Texas holds that title, followed by Long Beach, California. But whereas Fort Worth and Long Beach both function like center cities—replete with their own industries and their own downtowns—Mesa sprawls into the record books as America’s largest suburb. At 472,000 residents, it tops Atlanta, Miami, Minneapolis, and Cleveland, among others.
  • D.C. Bill Targets Empty Offices for Affordable Houses: On Tuesday, At-Large Councilmember Robert White proposed a bill that would create a task force to study retrofitting underutilized office buildings into apartments. Citing the “drag on our local economy” that high commercial vacancy rates produce—and D.C.’s “severe shortage of affordable housing”—White said older office buildings would be some of the best candidates for residential reuse.

  • Trump-related graffiti has cost Denver more than $20,000 since the election. Since the 2016 presidential election, there have been at least 151 graffiti incidents in Denver that mention President Trump in one way or another, according to data from the Denver Police Department.
  • James Anderson – Leading the world’s cities to solution: City officials had ramped up trash collection and were maintaining the overloaded sewage system, but these kinds of measures only treated the symptoms. A couple of months later, Anderson invited Tel Aviv mayor Ron Huldai to join the new “i-team” program he had launched in 2012: Bloomberg Philanthropies would fund and coach a cross-disciplinary innovation squad (project manager, analysts, designer, etc.) for three years to help local officials address systemic issues.



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  • Indiana’s dug czar presents plan to attack opiod crisis: Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb’s new drug czar on Thursday detailed a plan to combat the opioid crisis in the state, which has seen a dramatic increase in overdose hospitalizations and deaths over the past five years.
  • Uber and Lyft are coming back to Austin: The country’s two ride-hailing giants, Uber and Lyft, will be returning to Austin after the Texas state senate passed HB 100, which creates a statewide system of ride-hailing regulations that, in effect, overrules the city’s own standards.
  • Bi-partisan Senate Bill would require FCC to collect data on wireless broadband coverage: This legislation, dubbed the Rural Wireless Act of 2017, was announced Wednesday, May 17 in press releases by two senators supporting the bill, Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Gary Peters (D-Mich.). Sponsors say the act would help ongoing efforts to ensure that all families, businesses, schools, farmers and others in rural areas have access to high-speed Internet, and it would do so by ensuring that current mobile broadband coverage data is correct. A similar bill was also recently introduced in the House.
  • The growing threat to municipal bonds: Buildings, roads and bridges: These are the Legos that, when snapped together, create the communities we all call home. President Donald Trump has promised to make improving our infrastructure a centerpiece of his administration, and we are eager to work with him to promote infrastructure investment, job growth and community prosperity. This includes defending a key financing tool that for the past several years has faced growing uncertainty.

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