Today’s Morning Buzz is all about sexism, gentrification and bees. And, it’s brought to you by Goldie Hawn.

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  • Bad News: We’re Sexist: Maxwell’s gender-based analysis of the Blair Center Poll’s results for this year has just been released, and it shows that sexism absolutely did matter. Trump’s voters were more sexist than Clinton’s (and Ted Cruz voters were even more sexist than Trump voters). Republicans were far more sexist than Democrats. White respondents were more sexist than black Americans and Latinos. Female respondents, not to be outdone, were also quite sexist! And Bernie primary voters who didn’t vote for Clinton in the general were more sexist than those who did.
  • America Made Me a Feminist: the American woman is told she can do anything and then is knocked down the moment she proves it.
  • The smash hit “Despacito” owes its incredible success to the spread of zumba: Nietzsche once wrote: “Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” He would’ve loved peering into the windows of a zumba class.



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Local Government Confidential

  • Madrid cracks down on ‘manspreading’ on public transport: In 2014, New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority decided to crack down on the manspreading scourge with signs on the city’s Metro that read: “Dude… stop the spread, please.” The US city of Philadelphia also launched a “Dude, it’s Rude” campaign, while Seattle’s transport provider put up signs showing an octopus with its tentacles draped over bordering seats.
  • Is Detroit’s vacant land helping bumblebees bounce back? “When you see it in on the ground there’s a very suburban and rural feel in different parts of the city,” Edwards said. “So in a lot of ways it kind of shows what happens when humans get out of the way.”