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September 22, 2017

We’re #1, We’re #1, We’re #1

How to Plan for Driverless Vehicles

We’re talking autonomous vehicles in this session – with an expert from the Mountain View Police Department (home of Google…) and the leading Oregon academics on the topic. Join Lieutenant Saul JaegerProfessor Ben Clark, and Professor Nico Larco as we jump headfirst in front of self driving cars.

If you can’t be here, check out the GovLove podcast episode. Podcast: The Effect of Driverless Cars and Amazon on Cities

Doctor in the House

Before he takes the stage, let’s read up on Dr. Ben Clark….

An M-Word Beat-Down

This ELGL post points us toward the bright spot in Sinek’s diatribe of gloom. “These people” (millenials) are constantly seeking jobs where they can make an impact. But when it comes to job satisfaction, millenials are screwed because “There ain’t no app for that,” according Sinek. So what’s the rub, local government rocks for feeling an impact. As someone who has worked as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Senegal, a low-level functionary (and later as analyst and consultant) in a USAID-funded international development project, and as a budget officer for a local government, I see real benefits at the local level. I preach this to my students now that I’m a professor training the next generation of public sector leaders. I’ll get to a bit more of this in a minute.

How To Create a 21st Century Economic Development Strategy

This lively panel will describe the new ways that local governments are updating their economic development strategies to incorporate technology and regional approaches. Matt Lorenzen, City of Estacada; Zach Ratkai, City of Richland; and Ryley Iverson, Townfolio.co will lead this interactive discussion.


I am going to choose to think that “The Mooch” refers to my favorite Mooch.

Recommended tools: PipeDrive, Investibule, NextSeed, HatchOregon, and Adobe Spark.

Less radiation and more wine – Richland, WA tagline.

Richland owns 2,100 acres. Sale of land goes to public improvements.

The 4-1-1 on Townfolio….

Spotlight on Townfolio: Helping Canadian Municipalities Grow

Tech tools: Slack, calendly, HubSpot, Google Analytics, CrazyEgg, pablo, unsplash, giphy, Biteable, Drift

How to Deal With a Rare Astronomical Event: Public Outreach and the Solar Eclipse

Three local government professionals in the “path of totality” will describe the approaches and responses they employed in Madas, Corvallis, and Benton County on August 21, 2017 during the total solar eclipse. Learn from Nick SneadPatrick Rollens, and Lili’a Neville about this once in a lifetime astronomical event.


“It was almost like a mini heart break, when totality was over.”

Corvallis had 20 times more air traffic than normal.

Sometimes out have to rely on sensible citizens in times of disinformation and chaos on social media.

Key equity concept: print #oreclipse info materials in 6 languages, also on web.

#Madras first realized in 2012 that every hotel room had been rented out already for 2017 for #oreclipse.


Podcast: Preparing for the Solar Eclipse 

Local government in the path of totality. Lili’a Uili Neville from Benton County, OR and Patrick Rollens from the City of Corvallis, OR join GovLove to talk about preparing for thousands of visitors for the coming solar eclipse. Patrick and Lili’a also share some of the disruptions to services they expect to happen during the eclipse and the strangest question they’ve gotten.

How To Reinvent Your Local Government Agency & Shift Organizational Culture

Jared Weiner from Prosper Portland and Sarah Medary from the City of Eugene will tell their stories about how their organizations made substantial and significant shifts to evolve and adapt into the 21st century.


What are your values?

– this is the site that Jared Weiner manages (when he’s not leading cheers)

TechTown PDX produced this beauty of a video.

How Local Governments Are Getting SaaS-y

Rebecca Woodbury, City of San Rafael will learn how local governments are using software as a service to move operations forward in communities across the country. Luke FretwellRachel Keyser, and Autumn Carter will provide industry perspective to this panel.

Thoughts and prayers to Luke Fretwell who was unable to attend. Pour out a lil’ coffee for him. #FunFact: Autumn Carter has downed six cups of coffee.


  • OpenGov is fundamentally stable, but there are behind the scenes updates occurring incrementally.
  • Software as a service is pay-as-you-go way to get tech. Gmail is a SaaS product.
  • City of San Rafael, California developed guiding principles to deal with technology vendors. (Bravo!)
  • ELGL Connects will equalize the relationship between local government and vendors.
  • Jeff Towery, City of McMinnville, wins the award for best questions.
  • GovTech companies to watch: NextRequest, Quorum Analytics, and Cartegraph.

Equity Takeaways

  • If you want ALL employees to commit to your equity practices, make them policy.
  • Great info on creating a space for people to feel comfortable & ask the questions they can’t elsewhere.
  • Another unique equity product in @cityofeugene: ‘Hate and Bias Report’ that tells story about what’s happening in the community.
  • Refer back to your respectful workplace policy when things get tense.
  • Kari Herinckx from Washington County, OR is a must-connect if you’re working on #localgov outreach and equity.
  • “Equity work is about asking: who’s not at the table when we’re making a decision.” Key reminder from Jen Lleras Van Der Haeghen
  • “Equity isn’t any one person’s job.” 5 points in equity work: Power, People, Policy, Practice, and Participation.
  • Points of intervention to ensure equity in local gov at every stage.
  • Share (not census) data on your community demographics to get your electeds on board. Do your research!
  • Here’s the ForestGrove program Kari Herinckx mentioned.

Let’s Begin

We’re off in Portland. We’re slightly behind the rest (thanks time zones) but we’re catching up fast with the best selfie of all the Pop Ups.

Leading Off PDX

How to Build a Local Government Equity Strategy: Learn from Jen Lleras Van Der Haeghen, City of Eugene, about how to build equity and inclusion into every level of your local government organization.

September 21, 2017


The pre-Pop Up parties are here.



Kansas City – Your Charts Suck



Check out this beauty taken by Dan Weinheimer.

We’ll be enforce a midnight curfew. We need our attendees in the proper state for the main event. To ensure this result, Ben Kittelson, Ben McCready, Dan Weinheimer, and Mike Ekey have been empowered to conduct bed checks. You’re not staying in a hotel? No worries, our award-winning bed check team will fine you and ensure you get a solid eight hours of sleep.

Best Thursday Night Ever!

It’s Thursday Night Football time! Also, it’s the ELGL Pop Up Eve. I’ll use this blog post to keep Pop Up attendees and ELGL members updated on the action from each Pop Up location – Charlotte, Dallas, Kansas City, and Portland.

To answer the question on the minds of the local government world, Kirsten and I have two televisions in our room at the Inn at Northrup Station. That means two television which will not be playing My Little Pony or Liz and Maddie.

We’ve set a high expectations for tomorrow. Judging our success will be simple. If we make it through the day without any of these reactions…


#ELGLPopUp vs. #ELGLPopUps

You say “#ELGLPopUp” and I say “#ELGLPopUps” which of us is right. The debate on Twitter about this issue has been HOT, after a flurry of tweets, the official decision was made to embrace #ELGLPopUps. If you disagree, you can yell softly at me tomorrow.

The Truth

The NextDoor platform has been hugely successful for the City of Tigard. Our engagement on NextDoor surpasses what we experience from other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. (Thumbs down to NextDoor for the lack of analytics provided.)

There are certain truths about NextDoor which are highlighted in this article – 8 Truths About NextDoor.com

3. When you spot someone you don’t recognize in the neighborhood, follow this simple three-step procedure: 1. Take lots of pictures. 2. Call the police. 3. Tell NextDoor.

Woe to any stranger who dares to show up unannounced in a NextDoor neighborhood!  Stop whatever crimes you were trying to commit doing and say ‘Cheese,’ Unknown Person — You’ve entered a land where all residents are armed with cell phone cameras, and they’re not afraid to use them!


Stepping up during Irma: Everglades City Clerk Dottie Joiner slept in sewage plant to keep it running

The night before Hurricane Irma ravaged Everglades City and its surrounding areas, the city’s clerk slept in the local sewage plant.

Dottie Joiner wanted to keep it running as long as possible. And good thing because, still without power, the city is now facing a bathroom problem.

“I’ve got to get more Porta Potties in here,” Joiner said Wednesday.

She was parked outside the local fire station where she’d been coordinating relief efforts after being displaced from City Hall. For Joiner, 56, the week of Hurricane Irma was more like one long day.