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Hiring Decisions Gone Wrong

Morning Buzz with Jordan Rae Hillman, Deputy Director of City Planning for the city of Jackson, Mississippi I’ve made some great hiring decisions over the years. Those individuals are key pieces of my career puzzle. I’ve also made some terrible hiring decisions. Those decisions serve as an important reminder each time I make a hiring decision. A … Continued

New Year, New Life

The start of 2019 for me is filled with changes both personally and professionally.  Personally, I’m still figuring out what life looks like without my dad in it.  Professionally, Little Rock elected our first popularly elected African American Mayor who was sworn in on January 1st.  I’m going to focus this post on the professional … Continued

Meet the 2019 Buzzers

The Morning Buzz is ELGL’s daily dose of original local government content. It’s published Monday through Friday every week, and is your chance to learn something new about trending and interesting local government topics that our Buzz team writes about. We’re starting 2019 with a 31 person rotation, including 11 new Buzzers this year. Here’s … Continued


Buzzin’ with Susan Barkman What I am reading: Harvard Business Review 10 Must Read Articles 2019 What I am watching: Newsroom What I am listening to: Interstate Gospel by Pistol Annies My New Year’s Resolution: To take better care of myself! What most people think my commute is like: What I think my commute looks … Continued

On Death and Dying…Lessons from Daddy

As most of you know by now, my sweet daddy passed away a little over a month ago after being the hospital for six weeks.  On November 20th I had the task of being the opening and closing speaker at his memorial service.  People who were there say I got through it extraordinarily well and … Continued

ELGL & The Remaining 33%

While working on a paper for grad school, I came across an interesting statistic. According to a 2018 Pew Research Center poll, “two-thirds of those surveyed (67%) have a favorable opinion of their local government, compared with 35% for the federal government. In addition, nearly three-quarters (73%) say the quality of candidates running for local … Continued

Building the Coalition

Right Now with Kevin Teater What I’m Listening to – The Avett Brothers What I’m Reading – Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson What I’m Watching ­– This Is Us (no spoilers! I’ve only just started.) What I’m Doing – In Denver visiting family for a few days “The funding coming from the federal level is a … Continued

Show me your Mugshot!

Right Now w/ Joey Garcia (LinkedIn / Twitter)   What I’m Reading – The Power Broker What I’m Watching – Star Trek: Enterprise What I’m cooking – M&M Cookie Mix in a Jar (Christmas Gifts!) Right now, you’re seeing a ton of mug shots coming through your newsfeed!  Huge Shoutout to Ben McCready for organizing the #ELGLMugs Exchange One … Continued

Tis The Season for the Fourth Quarter Mentality

What I’m reading: Becoming by Michelle Obama What I’m watching: Christmas Movies of course! What I’m listening to: The Nod I don’t know about everyone else, but I will admit that I am feeling burnt out! This year has had its fair share of ups and downs like any other, and even though 2018 is … Continued

We’re All Recruiters!

Right Now with Kylie Bayer (LinkedIn/Twitter) What I’m reading: The Power of Collaboration What I’m watching: Sabrina The Teenage Witch What I’m listening to: My ten-month-old puppy snoring next to me Everyone is a recruiter and employees (and former employees, more on that later) are one of your best bets in finding a great candidate for … Continued

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