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NC: Mitchell Silver, City of Raleigh and American Planning Association

Comments Off on NC: Mitchell Silver, City of Raleigh and American Planning Association 02 November 2013

Fifty Nifty Takeaways What do we hope to learn from this series? We hope you will gain a better understanding of the unique characteristics of local government in each state, we hope you will learn that there are others like you who are motivated to make a difference through the public sector, and we hope [...]

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Morning Buzz

11.15.12 Your Morning Buzz

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Secession Petitions Signed in 30 States Trending Tired of cuts, Calif. voters raise local taxes – Fed up with years of diminishing services, voters around the state approved dozens of local tax measures Tuesday, even as they authorized Gov. Jerry Brown’s statewide sales tax hike. City manager applicants under review – City manager John Hitt [...]

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Christopher Columbus

Morning Buzz

10.08.12 Your Morning Buzz

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How Columbus Day Fell Victim to Its Own Success      Trending In heated governor’s race, Inslee and McKenna argue over who can get Washington soaring again – From an Oregonian’s perspective, the neighboring state of Washington seems the very model of economic dynamism — whether you’re getting a glimpse of the new 787 Dreamliner at Boeing Field or [...]

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haha my goal exactly!

Morning Buzz

03.22.12 The Morning Buzz

Comments Off on 03.22.12 The Morning Buzz 22 March 2012

  Rewind ELGL’s Call for Resumes Portland Timbers Match with ELGL on April 11 Knope of the Week Geoff Pursinger Info Request: Youth and City Boards 03.21.12 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Tebow Remix) Word on the Street . . . . About ELGL Job Posting: Assistant City Manager The Social Network Stay connected by following these feeds. Twitter: The Enabling City, Innovations Journal, Better! Cities&Towns [...]

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Afternoon Delight, News Article

Afternoon Delight

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Need Social Media Help? The American Planning Association is offering a ‘Communications Boot Camp’ on social media use.  

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Afternoon Delight

01.09.12 The Afternoon Delight

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Join the ELGL Online Community ELGL Facebook  ELGL Twitter ELGL LinkedIn ELGL Google+  ELGL In Case You Missed It 01.09.12 The Morning Buzz April Luncheon Update – Mike Golub, Portland Timbers COO The Social Media Minute Stay connected with the profession by following the Twitter feed or Facebook page of the these organizations. Twitter American Planning The [...]

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Cover: Instant City

Helpful Information, Lighter Side

Been Spending Most Our Lives Living in a Planner’s Paradise. . .

Comments Off on Been Spending Most Our Lives Living in a Planner’s Paradise. . . 15 December 2011

Top Ten Books in Urban Planning, Design, and Development – Courtesy of Planetizen Planetizen is pleased to release its tenth annual list of the ten best books of the year in urban planning, design and development. This year’s assortment ranges from an crowdsourced compendium of ideas for upgrading New York City’s built environment to a [...]

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