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Knope of the Week

Knope of the Week: Governing Magazine

Comments Off 18 October 2013

American City & County Magazine Highlights Knope of the Week What is the Knope of the Week? It’s ELGL’s way of recognizing an individual or group of individuals who have excelled in promoting the public sector. Recipients may come from the public or private sector and are nominated by ELGL members. Recipients receive an incredible amount of recognition [...]

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The Rest of the Story

The Rest of the Story on Your Legacy of Leadership

Comments Off 02 October 2013

ELGL’s Josh Halladay goes beyond the headline, this time with management educator and author, Russ Linden. His article in Governing Magazine What Legacy of Leadership Will You Leave?  addresses the topic of the next generation and how current professionals can use them to create a legacy.  Anyone can find value in the article, whether you are [...]

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On the Public Record

Action Items for Generation X with Rob Carty, ICMA Next Generation Initiatives

Comments Off 19 June 2013

The ELGL Take We’ve read the Governing article on Generation X, we’ve interviewed Rob Gurwitt, author of the article, and now, we hear from Rob Carty, ICMA Director of NextGen Initiatives. We profile Rob to gain a better understanding of what to make of the recent attention on Generation X and what should we be [...]

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On the Public Record

On the Public Record with Heather Kerrigan, GOVERNING Correspondent

Comments Off 11 February 2013

Heather Kerrigan, Correspondent, GOVERNING  Author of GOVERNING’s Public Workforce newsletter Heather on the World Wide Web: Twitter: @governing; Facebook: Governing; E-Newsletter: Public Workforce Background Check on Heather Heather Kerrigan is the author of GOVERNING’s Public Workforce newsletter and a contributor to the print publication. the Public Workforce newsletter identifies significant developments and trends in areas related to human resources [...]

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On the Public Record

On the Public Record with Jonathan Walters, Governing Magazine

Comments Off 20 December 2012

On the Public Record with Jonathan Walters Twitter: @governing About Jonathan Walters Jonathan Walters is the executive editor for Governing magazine. He has covered state and local public policy and administration, writing on topics ranging from civil service reform to welfare reform. Currently his focus is on public sector management and change management in state and local [...]

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News Article

The Discouraged Public Servant

Comments Off 12 October 2012

The meaningless dialogue we’re hearing in this campaign season can leave people in government feeling pretty low. There are some ways to try to get past the blues. BY: BABAK ARMAJANI | OCTOBER 10, 2012 If you are one of those who is out to make our world a better place through your work in government, you [...]

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News Article

Survey Says……State Budgets Stabilize

Comments Off 07 August 2012

Survey: State Budgets Stabilize, But Remain Vulnerable POSTED BY MIKE MACIAG States’ current economic outlook has stabilized as revenues slowly continue to rebound, according to a survey of fiscal officers released today by the National Conference of State Legislatures. A total of 29 states and the District of Columbia reported estimated fiscal year 2012 year-end [...]

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Morning Buzz

05.25.12 The Morning Buzz

Comments Off 25 May 2012

Rewind Who’s Next in the 2012 Issue and Speaker Series? Call for RSVPs: Economist Dr. Thomas Potiowsky, June 13 ELGL In the News 05.24.12 The Afternoon Delight Take the ELGL Five Minute Challenge Participate Call for RSVPs: Economist Dr. Thomas Potiowsky, June 13 - ELGL is hosting a luncheon with former State Economist and current Chair of the Portland State Economics Department, Dr. Thomas Potiowsky. [...]

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Helpful Information

Nominate the Next Public Official of the Year

Comments Off 15 May 2012

BY: Governing.com | Nation | May 14, 2012 GOVERNING has celebrated extraordinary public servants every year since 1994. We are now accepting nominations for this year’s awards in November. GOVERNING’s Public Officials of the Year are recognized for their distinguished leadership, strong management expertise, good governance and notable positive impact. Elected, appointed and career officials [...]

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Morning Buzz

05.04.12 The Morning Buzz

Comments Off 04 May 2012

Rewind 04.27.12 Knope(s) of the Week It’s Coming….. Event Announcement: Bob Moore, Bob’s Red Mill - August 8 Barbara Baker RSVP Request 05.03.12 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (myspace Remix) 05.03.12 The Afternoon Delight Submit Your Questions For Governor Gregoire Participate Submit Your Questions For Governor Gregoire - ELGL is pleased to host a Conversation With Governor Gregoire on May18, 2012 at noon.  This event is open to ELGL members [...]

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