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ICMA Spotlight Lands on ELGL Co-Founder

Comments Off on ICMA Spotlight Lands on ELGL Co-Founder 09 March 2015

Kirsten Wyatt, ELGL co-founder and West Linn (OR) assistant city manager, is featured by ICMA this month. Our favorite part of the article is Kirsten’s high fives to those who have helped along the way. ICMA Member Spotlight: Kirsten Wyatt, ELGL Co-Founder & West Linn, OR Assistant City Manager Kirsten pays it forward just as [...]

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13 Percent

We’re All In This Together

Comments Off on We’re All In This Together 03 March 2015

Today’s #13Percent post is from Kirsten Wyatt.  Kirsten is the Assistant City Manager in West Linn, Oregon and the co-founder of ELGL. Twitter & LinkedIn. _______________ ELGL got engaged on the women in local government leadership topic with the understanding that the lack of change in the past 30 years can’t be solved unless we’re [...]

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News Article

GovLove Features Kirsten Wyatt, ELGL Co-Founder

17 Comments 29 January 2015

In the first episode of “GovLove” you heard the ELGL story from Kent Wyatt, ELGL Co-Founder. It was such a compelling story that the podcast took the top spot for local government podcasts. Now the drama begins…. can Kirsten top the record-breaking numbers from Kent’s appearance. Put on your short-shorts, adjust your Reebok Pumps, and blast [...]

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Webinar Library

Replay: Building Internal Support for Social Media

Comments Off on Replay: Building Internal Support for Social Media 15 January 2015

To put you in the holiday spirit we had a great webinar with Kim Ervin, Patrick Rollens and Kirsten Wyatt on how to build internal support and momentum for the use of social media. Now you can rewatch and relive the whole thing!  #ELGLSocial Big thanks to Kim Ervin, Patrick Rollens, and Kirsten Wyatt for [...]

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Presentation: Social Media in Local Government

5 Comments 29 June 2014

ELGL members Kent and Kirsten Wyatt trained a group of Daly City, CA employees last week on using social media in local government. It was a diverse group with staff from police, fire, city manager’s office, city attorney’s office, building officials, and more. The training consisted of two parts: a review of Facebook and Twitter use [...]

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Five-O-Nine Experience

The ELGL Strategic Plan: From Strategery to Tenawesome

17 Comments 12 May 2014

After several long months drinking copious amounts of coffee and sitting in our birds nest, we’ve created the all new ELGL Strategic Plan. I can give you two words for how it turned out; tenacious and awesome. In fact it’s really one word; tenawesome. The formal unveiling will be live on July 1st and include [...]

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Five-O-Nine Experience

Strategic Direction: ELGL Strategic Planning Phase 3

13 Comments 18 March 2014

ELGL staffer Dan Englund returns to bring you transparent information and witty commentary regarding the ELGL Strategic Planning process. This week, we’re talking Strategic Direction. Our environment is ever-changing and the future is unwritten, but we will be ready for it with an innovative strategic plan. Good things don’t come to those who wait; good [...]

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Part II: Inside the Twitter Race – The Snowmageddon Edition

32 Comments 14 February 2014

What is the Great Oregon Twitter Race?  Towards the end of 2013, Patrick Preston, Hillsboro public affairs manager, decided to issue a challenge to neighboring jurisdictions. They wanted to expand their social media presence and specifically focus on making their Twitter account more accessible and active. So they contacted other nearby cities and a competition [...]

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Preparing for Conference Presentations

Debriefing the SGR Conference Experience

20 Comments 02 February 2014

First of all, Strategic Government Resources has the most energetic and capable staff of any public or private sector organization that ELGL has interacted with. They are detail oriented, knowledgeable, and passionate about local government (who knew there were others out there). As opposed to your normal run of the mill conference held in a [...]

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News Article

Willamette University Profiles the Leslie Knopes of ELGL

14 Comments 30 January 2014

The current issue of The Scene (Willamette University’s alumni magazine) profiles ELGL’s success in (Re)Filling the Big Tent.  (Re)Filling the Big Tent: As baby boomers retire, small local governments face a severe leadership shortage. See how a group of young WU grads are stepping into public service like never before. Supplemental Reading Knope of the Week Archives Knope of [...]

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