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Posted on February 9, 2014

Runner Eats It Immediately After Interview About Running In Snow



City manager: ‘Wendy Wayne’ name too long for highway sign

Hardeeville city manager resigns; 5th to leave since 2008



  1. Same-Sex Spouses Get New Federal Rights – The Obama administration will give same-sex couples who are legally married the same status as other married couples in federal legal matters such bankruptcy proceedings and prisoner visitation

  2. Snowden Used a Low-Cost Tool to ‘Scrape’ N.S.A. Data – Edward J. Snowden gathered National Security Agency secrets using cheap and widely available “web crawler” software, a breach that should have easily been detected, investigators say

  3. Economy and Crime Spur Exodus From Puerto Rico – Pervasive crime and high unemployment in Puerto Rico are driving many professionals and middle-class residents to seek jobs on the mainland

  4. A Battle of Ideology in a City Unaccustomed to That Sort of Election – The current race for mayor, between a Latino Democrat and a business-oriented Republican, is in many ways a fight for San Diego’s political soul

  5. Pot tourism is a budding business as Colorado’s green rush grows – Packages catering to tourists include cannabis-friendly hotels and special tasting events.



Post-recession quietude unites Californians, bolsters Gov. Brown – After years of political chaos, recession and a spotty recovery, the governor is enjoying support from disparate Californians, as seen in Monterey County.

Politics cloud water debate – Fixing California’s water crisis requires finding a way to reallocate supply among the state’s three major user groups — and avoiding the political posturing and bickering that have surfaced.

Seeking U.S. Art All Over Map. Just Check GPS. The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Ark., is meeting with about 1,000 artists to find 100 to feature in a new show of contemporary art

Tasting Scotch in the middle of Nowhere, Wyoming – An inn in an old Wyoming mining town offers twice-monthly Scotch tastings for those in the know, or not.



Republicans Are Wooing the Wired – In 2012, Democrats took a commanding lead in technological outreach to voters. Bruised Republicans are now trying to build their own bench — but in Silicon Valley, it’s not easy

Republicans eye Romney money machine – Romney teamed with the Republican National Committee to raise $1 billion in 2012 and still controls perhaps the preeminent donor list in all of Republican politics. The pro-Romney super PAC Restore Our Future raised $150 million almost entirely from massive six- and seven-figure checks.

Chris Christie’s Loss is [Someone’s] Gain – We asked leading conservatives from Newt Gingrich to Mary Matalin to fill in the blank.

Trenton Mayor Tony Mack convicted of federal corruption charges – Trenton Mayor Tony Mack was found guilty Friday of six federal corruption charges for a scheme in which he accepted cash bribes in exchange for assisting with the proposed development of an automated parking garage on city-owned land.



Let’s Get Ready to Rumble – Steve Novick lands the first punch in this year’s budget fight.

Hall Monitor – The outcry over Trader Joe’s is about Portland’s black community finding its voice.

Crowdsourcing the Future – A bunch of strangers decide the fate of teenaged whiz kid Jackson Gariety

Winter storm brings relief to Government Camp businesses –  You might think three days of heavy snow would help the businesses near the base of Mount Hood’s southern flank. And you’d be right, sort of.



Fuzzy Figures – The numbers look bad, but officials say Oregon’s prison reform is working.

Success ushers in Keizer mayor Lore Christopher’s final term – Lore Christopher will close her 14 years as Keizer mayor on an upbeat note as she prepares to give her final state of the city address Tuesday.

Political cover? Bertha’s contractors hire lobbyist & former deputy mayor – Seattle Tunnel Partners, the contractor for Seattle’s deep-bore tunnel, has hired a well-known Seattle lobbyist.

Storm puts region on ice – An ice storm cuts power to thousands and puts an exclamation point on three days of wintry misery

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Daley released from hospital, waves to well wishers – Former Mayor Richard M. Daley was released from Northwestern Memorial Hospital this afternoon where he was in the intensive care unit for more than a week after falling ill while at a seminar in Phoenix, Ariz.

Somalis’ growing political activism filled with nuances, shifting alliances – But what is relatively new this time around is that the political combatants appeared to be mostly — if not entirely — people with Somali roots. And in this case, the fighting appeared to break out before the DFL caucus at the Brian Coyle Center in Minneapolis ever was officially called to order.

Once a far-flung trading post where the rivers meet, St. Louis still rolling along at 250 – As predictions go, it could have been just another brash shout across the American wilderness. Plenty of long-forgotten settlements were proclaimed the next Paris, London or Rome.

Housing programs concentrate poverty in a few metro locations, report finds – A University of Minnesota study says the programs are widening racial gaps, but the state’s housing commissioner refutes much of the critique.

New I-70 bridge aglow in ‘aesthetic’ lights – Shortly before 6 p.m., state and local dignitaries threw the switch on the aesthetic lighting that will now bathe the bridge towers and cables. The bridge, which will carry Interstate 70 across the Mississippi River, is scheduled to open to traffic by midday Sunday.




Frisco PD No Longer Wants To Talk About Murder Case Family Says It Bungled – A week ago, the Frisco Police Department was convinced that it had a solid case against Pallavi Dhawan in the mysterious death of her 10-year-old son, Arnav, and was ready to tell everyone about it.

Jerry Patterson Is the Lone Sane Republican Running for Lieutenant Governor, Is Doomed – There’s not a whole lot of daylight between the Republican candidates for lieutenant governor. All check the requisite conservative boxes on guns, abortion, immigration, healthcare evolution, school choice, the size of government and so on.

Here’s Some Mesmerizing Aerial Footage of Dallas Covered in Snow – Remember Brian Aiken? He’s the guy who shot the mesmerizing “Dallas From Above”video.

A.C. Gonzalez Got $400,000 Because Dallas Is Dumb, Not Because He’s a Guy – Before the ink on A.C. Gonzalez’ $400,000 contract was even dry, some were suggesting that the $95,000 gap between his salary and predecessor Mary Suhm’s might have something to do with their different gender.

Texas’ gay marriage ban in crosshairs – A court battle in San Antonio looms in just days – Wednesday – as the national spotlight turns to Texas in the fight for marriage equality.

Paul warns Texas could turn blue – “Texas is going to be a Democrat state within 10 years if we don’t change,” the senator says.

Tomball mayor delivers State of City address – Tomball Mayor Gretchen Fagan delivered her State of the City address to a group of community and business leaders Feb. 7 at a Greater Tomball Area Chamber of Commerce luncheon.



02.06.14 Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (XOXO Remix)

Bill Gates: The world is better than ever – ‘By 2035, there will be almost no poor countries left,’ says the Microsoft founder in a letter meant to puncture the belief that the world’s problems can’t be solved

Do kids make parents unhappy? The book “All Joy and No Fun” could serve as effective birth control.

The Spectacular Myth of Obama’s Part-Time America—in 5 Graphs – If you’ve been paying attention to a certain slice of the financial media—see:ForbesThe Wall Street JournalCNBC, and Fox News—you know for a fact that Obama and his health care law have tag-teamed with global economic trends to drive America inexorably toward a part-time economy.

6 ‘Rules’ of Dating That Apply to Your Job Search – We all know a — ahem — “friend” who spends hours crafting the perfect text message to a potential date: carefully choosing words, paying attention to length and tone and finding the emoji that’s just right.



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Why It’s So Difficult to Measure Digital Readership – What’s the right way to measure an audience online—clicks, readers, time-spent, or shares?

Jumping the Gun: 3 Times Social Media Perpetuated False Crimes – A hodgepodge of content from friends and brands alike, on social media it’s easy to confuse trustworthy information with gossip.

Instagram Addicts Everywhere Are Uniting Offline at InstaMeets – Like moths to a flame, 15 Instagram users huddle closely beside a bright screen during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, admiring the square Instagram photos and videos displayed on the wide horizontal screen inside New York City’s Lincoln Center.

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