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02.25.14 Your Morning Buzz

Posted on February 25, 2014

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25 maps and charts that explain America today


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GOP votes Parrish off House leadership team

John Dingell to Retire After Nearly 60 Years in House

Arts Commission begins search for new director

Manager who oversaw Cover Oregon health insurance exchange project blasted state managers for “misinformation”

Troutdale businessman Andy Gainer files ethics complaint against Councilor David Ripma

Suma Nallapati Named Colorado Chief Technology Officer

High 5


  1. The rise, fall and rise of legalized pot – America has been at the edge of marijuana legalization several times during the past half-century, but never as close to mass acceptance of the drug as the nation is today.

  2. Public Pension Tabs Multiply as States Defer Costs and Hard Choices – States and cities continue to face a problem that stems from demographics, financial markets and reluctance to make politically tough decisions.

  3. A Dictator’s Guide to Urban Design – Ukraine’s Independence Square, and the revolutionary dimensions of public spaces.

  4. Holder Sees Way to Curb Bans on Same-Sex Marriage – Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. said that state attorneys general who believe that laws in their states banning gay marriage are discriminatory are not obligated to defend them.

  5. How Denver’s City Workers Prevented a Bureaucratic Mess – When the city’s marijuana-licensing program faced a crisis, a team trained in efficiency showed how nimble public employees can be.

50 Nifty


The Fascinating History of New York and Boston’s Race to Build a Subway – Most’s new book, The Race Underground, tracks the rivalry that emerged with the tracks.

The LAPD Made a Meaningful Change to the Rules Governing Deadly Force – A subtle, but crucial policy tweak recognizes the importance of officer behavior pre-shooting.

Agencies call truce in local water war amid FBI probe – Two L.A. County water agencies begin buying and selling water after several years of stalemate. An FBI investigation into one of the water districts helps end the feud.

Connecticut Plans to Market Health Exchange Expertise – The next chapter in an insurance marketplace’s success story: offering technology and services to other states.

‘House On Wade Avenue’ Nearing One Million Views, Breaks WUNC Records – OK, here’s the secret:The ordinary-looking house on Wade Ave actually disguises a pump station for the city of Raleigh public utilities.



Tea Party Faces Test of Clout in Primaries – After a series of defeats on Capitol Hill, the GOP’s tea-party wing has shifted attention to congressional primaries, setting up a test of the movement’s clout.

A Mayor in the Middle of Two San Franciscos – Mayor Edwin M. Lee, who began his career as a housing lawyer, finds himself in the unexpected position of being backed by the city’s technology elite but condemned by housing advocates.

Last of the old bulls – John Dingell’s Congress is long gone. Here’s why we shouldn’t miss it.

The Steyer brothers: ‘We’re fearless’ – California activist Jim Steyer is following his billionaire little brother into national politics — he’s launching a political advocacy group, and a super PAC may follow.

After Meeting With Obama, Governor Goes on the Attack – Emerging from the annual meeting of the nation’s governors at the White House, Gov. Bobby Jindal omitted the usual happy-talk to discuss his views of President Obama.

Governor of Arizona Is Pressed to Veto Bill – Gov. Jan Brewer received legislation that would permit business owners the right to refuse service, on religious grounds, to gays and others.



Land-use ‘grand bargain’ could move quickly through Oregon Legislature – What’s been dubbed the land-use “grand bargain” is set to move quickly through the Oregon Legislature this week after lawmakers brokered a deal with developers and conservationists Sunday.

Timber veterans struggle to navigate Oregon’s land use law and make forestry profitable – Mark Fritch talks fast and swears a lot, standing in ankle-deep snow in Government Camp. As he carries wooden pallets up icy stairs of the three-story log cabin he’s building there, he keeps talking about wanting justice.

Columbia River Crossing: Mothball it, Washington lawmakers urge – Southwest Washington lawmakers opposed to the Columbia River Crossing are urging their Oregon counterparts to mothball the I-5 bridge plan.

Forest Grove Mayor Peter Truax touts Fernhill Wetlands, city’s growth in State of the City address – Forest Grove Mayor Peter Truax praised the city’s successes stemming from its partnerships with state and local agencies in his State of the City address on Monday, Feb. 24, while laying out challenges the city will face in the coming years.



Clark County labor talks may be outsourced – Clark County’s labor negotiations could be farmed to an outside consulting group, a county commissioner says, as a way of saving money.

Vancouver public hearing on retail pot set – The Vancouver City Council voted 6-1 Monday to move on to a public hearing on what would be Clark County’s first ordinance setting out guidelines for marijuana retailers, growers and processors under Initiative 502.

Report details county audit – A study overseen by an accounting firm finds concerns but “no major findings and no fraud”

Council eyes sick leave law – They agree to study an ordinance that would require employers to give workers time off with pay

Pure Midwest


At Issue: Should municipalities be allowed to set minimum wage for contractors? The state prohibits local governments from setting a minimum wage higher than the state’s $7.25 per hour. But it doesn’t prevent them from setting a higher floor for contractors who provide services, such as highway construction, janitorial services or assistance for those with developmental disabilities.

Minimum wage to take center stage at Capitol – Rochester restaurateur Joe Powers is bracing for a big hit to his business if Minnesota lawmakers move ahead with a proposed hike on the minimum wage.

City won’t pay? Put a lien on City Hall – Legal dispute over an improperly sold car has escalated

Where Your Road Salt Comes From, and Where It Goes – Chicagoland goes through hundreds of thousands of tons of road salt every year, and its rivers and lakes are getting saltier.

Summary of City-County Reorganization Attempts According to Fragmented by Design by E. Terrence Jones – This summary of the secession of St Louis City from St Louis County and the reunification attempts comes from Fragmented by Design by E. Terrance Jones, a must read for anyone concerned about this issue.

South x Southwest


Controlling Alamo Plaza – Land commissioner says San Antonio should transfer the public space to the state. What do you think?

Alamo Heights project is abandoned – The developer of a controversial apartment development in Alamo Heights has abandoned the project, saying on Monday it no longer made business sense because of new, tougher construction guidelines.

Davis-Abbott race could set record for fundraising — Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott and Democratic Sen. Wendy Davis have raised millions more dollars for a governor’s race that some predict will shatter state records.

La Madeleine, other chains, seek franchisees with lots of dough – Increasingly, fast-casual restaurant chains such as La Madeleine and Panera Bread are looking for operators with experience running many locations, and a net worth in the millions.

See the world’s 20 most valuable brands — and the one Dallas company on the list – Apple remains the most valuable brand in the world, according to the 2014 ranking by brand consultant Brand Finance. It marked the third straight year that Apple topped the list.

Human Resources


The States Where The 1% Are Doing The Best – In some states, the richest people have actually hoarded all the extra income in the last few decades. The rest of us haven’t seen a dime.

Emphasizing employee recognition and 3 other human capital management – In human capital management, corporate leaders often find themselves looking for new strategies to keep workers engaged and happy with their jobs.

Women as Bosses Still Face Bias – Women are still caught in a double bind where they struggle to navigate their feminine gender role expectations and yet still prove to others that they are assertive and competent.

The Social Network


What’s in your digital junk drawer? Junk drawers exist in places beyond your cabinets. There’s another one that’s even more covert, and it’s your computer. There’s all sorts of stuff in there, and much of it can be safely tossed away.

Why Facebook is Killing Silicon Valley – We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills

‘Goldman’ Tattletale on Twitter Is Exposed – The person posting as @GSElevator, thought to work for Goldman Sachs, is actually a former bond trader in Texas.


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