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Posted on April 17, 2012

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Kye, A 7-Year-Old Boy With Leukemia, Gets To Be Batman For A Day Thanks To Arlington Police And Firefighters

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The Social Network

What Makes a Great Tweet? At last count, Twitter had half a billion registered users who together generate some 175 million tweets a day. New accounts are being added at a rate of 11 per second. Just how valuable are these proliferating 140-character messages?

Study dubs Starbucks tops in social media – Seattle-based Starbucks is the nation’s most socially engaged company, according to a new study.

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GOVERNING Leadership Forums – GOVERNING is pleased to announce its new series of regional leadership forums, offering public leaders an opportunity to share best practices in a highly interactive format tailored to the specific issues of the host jurisdictions.

2012 Government Confluence – The ‘unConference’ for implementing change in your jurisdiction.

C-Tran set to host bus rapid transit open house meeting tomorrow – A Wednesday open house meeting will offer residents a chance to weigh in on a proposed bus rapid transit line along Vancouver’s Fourth Plain corridor.


12 unforgivable writing mistakes – We all make mistakes, but there are some that writers should never make.

Pulitzer Prizes Highlight Social Media’s Penetration Into the Newsroom – The 2012 Pulitzer Prize winners reflect the rising role of social media and the Internet in today’s news coverage.

Telltale Signs of an Unhealthy Hierarchy – We may talk about eliminating hierarchy, but most organizations still have one.

How to Win the Online Job Hunt – Online profiles have the flexibility to help showcase your work and your connections.


Making a Game Out of Town Hall Meetings – For a generation raised on games, anything can be made compelling, assuming points will be awarded. To that end, the site MindMixer has for the last year been dedicated to making a game out of that most dreaded of civic experiences: the town hall meeting.

Is Bad Urban Design Making Us Lonely? Where we live can play a huge role in our social lives. Bigger cities offer more opportunities for interaction, suburban areas prioritize private spaces over public ones.

Antipoverty Tax Program Offers Relief, Though Often Temporary – Karen Spain spent several long months before receiving her tax refund this year in a state of suspended panic. The rent was three months late. Her car’s brakes were shot. And she could no longer afford to pay her electricity bill.

Millennial Consumers: Engaged, Optimistic, Charitable [STUDY] – A study comparing Millennials with non-Millennials sheds light on some of the key behaviors and attitudes of the generation.

Decade low? New budget cuts 1,266 more state jobs

MRSC – May an exchange of emails between members of a governing body constitute a meeting for purposes of the Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA)?

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