04.30.15: Rethinking Your Resume with Graham Caulfield

Posted on April 30, 2015

1334620121437_5428192By Graham CaulfieldLinkedIn, Twitter, and World Wide Web

Each week Graham Caulfield, Expert Resume Man, will provide tips for improving your resume. Graham is an expert at helping career transitioners present themselves to their best advantage with potential employers.

  • Gatekeepers decide in 15 seconds which stack your résumé should go in – read it, or discard it. Ensure your cover letter has impact.
  • Highlight accomplishments: such as increasing revenue, opening new department, improving efficiency, reducing costs.
  • Include in your résumé: professional licenses, affiliations, advanced training in specialized fields, and volunteerism.
  • Learn keywords in your field and use them in your résumé. Don’t know what they are? You will find many of them in the job description.
  • Best to use a professional font on your résumé, like Calibri or Helvetica. Comic Sans definitely doesn’t do it!


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