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Posted on May 18, 2012

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May 18th Governor Gregoire ELGL Meeting

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Bend Park District Seeks Input on Project List – Community News Story – KTVZ Bend – The Bend Park and Recreation District Board of Directors is considering a bond measure to fund potential park and trail projects. Thursday, May 17, 2012.

The Lake Oswego Police Department, Lake Oswego, OR – Home Page Interested in the Citizens Police Academy this fall? Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, West Linn, and Gladstone Police Departments are holding an academy for their citizens. More information about how to apply is at the LOPD website.



Because of tax levy defeat, Josephine County will release prisoners and cut its sheriff’s department – The southern Oregon county for decades chiefly paid for services with revenue shared from timber sales on the federal forests that make up 60 percent of the land.

Oakridge applauds budget milestone – The city’s 2009-10 books are sufficiently unsnarled for auditors to verify that there was no theft.



The High Cost of Treating Job-Seekers Like Cattle – When the labor market is weak and job-seekers are desperate for work, overwhelmed recruiters sometimes default to treating applicants like cattle – an undifferentiated mass of mostly unqualified individuals firing off resumes wherever they can.

Moneyball and the HR Department – The human resources department is known for being touchy-feely, but in the age of big data, it’s becoming a bit more cold and analytical. From figuring out what schools to recruit from to what employees should be offered flexible work arrangements, data analytics are helping HR professionals make more informed decisions.

Millennial Women Speak Out About The Gender Ambition Gap  – It’s official; young women are more ambitious than young men.

HBR.org: Stop Email Overload

To Investigate Culture, Ask the Right Questions – In my last blog post, I encouraged thoroughly investigating the culture you’re thinking of joining. In the comments, some people agreed they needed to learn about culture but were unsure how to approach it. A few were skeptical. I believe you can learn about culture, even in the early stages. Here are suggestions about how to structure your inquiry.

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Why Social Media is the Ultimate “Pay-it-Forward” for Marketing – Is your organization stuck in social quicksand?  Is social not delivering the payoff you once hoped it would?  Have you read every Twitter Best Practices article on Mashable until you are now dreaming in “Top Ten” lists, but to no avail? Well, you only need to change the way you think to be successful.

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