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Posted on May 28, 2012

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Call for RSVPs: Economist Dr. Thomas Potiowsky, June 13 – ELGL is hosting a luncheon with former State Economist and current Chair of the Portland State Economics Department, Dr. Thomas Potiowsky. The discussion will be on the US recovery and the new economic environment. This information will be relevant to long-term local government revenues and anyone interested in budgeting.

Talkin’ About My Generation with ELGL-Eugene – Please find the attached announcement regarding the upcoming lunch seminar scheduled for Thursday, June 21 in Springfield. Special thanks to Judy Williams at Lane County for putting the agenda together and Jeff Towery at Springfield for agreeing to host us next month.

Westside Trail open houses set – Metro has scheduled two public open houses this week to help design the Westside Trail, a 25-mile continuous pedestrian and bike path from Forest Park in Portland through Washington County to the Tualatin River near King City.


American Flag Cheesecake Bars Recipe

Economic Gardening – In 1987, the City of Littleton, Colorado pioneered an entrepreneurial alternative to the traditional economic development practice of recruiting industries. This demonstration program, developed in conjunction with the Center for the New West, was called “economic gardening.”

Chicago Ward Gives Budgetary Power To The People : NPR – The alderman in the 49th Ward became the first elected official in the country to hand over the purse strings to his constituents in 2009. Three years later, the “participatory budgeting” experiment is still attracting in new residents to planning meetings.



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HBR.org: Don’t Take that Coffee Break – Most people assume it’s good to take a few breaks during the day — grab a coffee, make a personal call, check Facebook — and then return to work refreshed. But those non-work related breaks may be making you more tired and distracted.

Sometimes it’s necessary to move for that perfect job, but at what price? There’s nothing quite like finding that perfect job, especially after weeks (and sometimes months) of exhaustive searching and interviewing.

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