07.13.12 Knope of the Week

Posted on July 13, 2012

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The votes are in and the results have been tabulated: after a week of nominations and voting by our community, ELGL is thrilled to announce the winner of the Knope of the Week! As a reminder, The Knope of the Week honors individuals or groups who have done the most in the past week to advance the mission of ELGL.

Without further ado, the winner of the 32nd Knope of the Week goes to the . . . . 

Barbara Roberts

Former Governor of Oregon and Current Metro Councilor

ELGL members in attendance at this week’s forum with Barbara Roberts heard from a true trailblazer of Oregon history. Her time as governor provided the model and motivation for women striving to have an impact on the state’s highest elected office. It is doubtful that ELGL will ever hear from a more accomplished individual. A author, politician, and community advocate, Barbara Roberts has set the standard for the next generation of leaders.

Many thanks to Barbara for her commitment to engaging with the next generation of public servants.

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