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Posted on August 3, 2012

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RSVP: ELGL Forum with Bob Moore, founder of Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods – The event will be held at Bob’s Red Mill corporate headquarters in Milwaukie (13521 SE Pheasant Ct., Milwaukie, OR  97222) on August 8th. Please note, this is a different location than the store. The event will begin at 11:45 am and last until 1pm. For those who are able to stay longer, a tour of the Bob’s Red Mill facility will begin at 1pm.

Chick-fil-A Flap Not Cities’ Business? Should city leaders “not welcome” Chick-fil-A in their communities?

Greater Portland’s 5th Annual Economic Summit: September 27, 2012 – Greater Portland Inc. is pleased to announce that this year’s Annual Economic Summit will be held September 27, 2012 and registration for the event is now open.



States and Localities Take Hit in Libor Scandal – Recent allegations of banks manipulating the Libor rate have some governments considering legal action. But which municipalities were affected and how much did they lose?

What The Georgia Vote Means for the Future of Transportation – In a race closely watched by transportation advocates and stakeholders across the country, Atlanta-area voters Tuesday overwhelmingly rejected a plan for a 10-year, 1 percent sales tax that would have supported nearly $7.2 billion in transportation investments in a 10-county area surrounding the city.



On Our Radar: Your First Job Really Counts – First jobs are learning opportunities; why we should set boundaries at work; the dawn of the chief culture officer; more.

Secrets to Job Hunting through Social Media – You reject friend requests on Facebook, you think tweeting is for the birds and Pinterest? What is Pinterestanyway? If you’re not on board with the latest social media trends, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon since more and more companies are using social networks as a key recruitment tool. Here are some tips on how to use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ to your advantage in your job search.

To Recruit Better, Multi-Task Less – It’s pretty well understood at this point that multitasking is a trap that we fall into as much as a tool we use. Psychology Today explains that countless studies have shown how people become dramatically less efficient and less reliable when they divide their attention.

How to Look and Act Like a Leader – To reach the top, executives must learn how to exude “presence.” Some tips: Don’t nod your head and do clean up your look. For one vice president, an image makeover helped her gain the managerial gravitas that she needed.

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Vermonters Tweet for Tourism – The state tourism agency is giving residents access to its Twitter account so they can tweet about what makes Vermont special.

Our Top Five Facebook Tips – Engaging fans is more important that accumulating them on Facebook. Facebook is a visual medium, so images, video and infographs attract attention. Make it easy for people to find your Facebook page.

The secrets to a clean and tidy email inbox – It’s even more difficult to keep work organized when your inbox is bursting at the seams with dozens of unread messages and overdue tasks. So, how can you keep up with the constant flow of information and approaching deadlines?

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