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Posted on August 4, 2014

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An artist created Star Wars themed logos for every MLB team, and they’re pretty great. Today’s buzz features stories on Obamacare helping prisoners get mental health services, the cycling desk and more.

Designer mixes all 30 MLB teams with Star Wars characters


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Up to 9,000 inmates signed up for Obamacare to help with mental health treatment – Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, attempting to cope with what he says is a growing mental health crisis among inmates at the county jail, said up to 9,000 people who have been incarcerated have signed up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act in an attempt to get the care they need.

Lynchburg employees don’t walk to work — they walk while working – By late afternoon on a typical work day, Heather Brown usually craves a snack. Instead of heading to the vending machine, the human resource manager for the City of Lynchburg hops on an “active work station” — a treadmill with an attached desk and computer that allows users to walk and work simultaneously.

These Cycling Desks Charge Your Phone–And Your Muscles–While You Work – If you need to charge your phone while you’re waiting for a flight at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, or while sitting at the train station in Lyon, you can get a little exercise at the same time.

6 Ways to Make Networking Less Awkward – Your palms are sweating, you’re nervous and you’ve forgotten all your industry-related research. It might sound like you’re anxious about interviewing for your dream job, but for many, attending a networking event can be even more stressful than a high-level interview.

Drought watering regulations may leave trees high and dry – Ray Gulliksen sees the dead branches topping his birch trees as a signature of the drought.


50 Nifty

City Manager Rick Johnson Likes the Challenge in Mulberry – When Rick Johnson stepped into his first city administration job nearly two years ago, Mulberry was every bit the challenge he desired.

City manager wants to make Lowell a ‘college town’ – By traveling to Boston College football games across the country, City Manager Kevin Murphy, a BC alum, said he has seen true college towns like Clemson, S.C., that have plenty of businesses targeted at students.

Fort Walton Beach Non-Profit Finds a Facility to Help Homeless – Come August 12, the City of Fort Walton Beach could be one step closer to reducing its homeless population. One local non-profit, Community Solutions, and the Fort Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce may have found the first solution they hope will help fix the issue.


ELGL Northwest

Portland Council to consider socially responsible investing – The City Council will be asked to create a committee to decide which companies it should not invest in on Wednesday.

Pursuit of marijuana market creates odd couple – Alan Schreiber’s truck bounces along a rutted road past row upon row of crops. Blueberries, asparagus, apples, cantaloupe, Brussels sprouts, Concord grapes, Merlot grapes, peaches, pears, cherries, onions, pumpkins, potatoes, tomatoes, sugar beets, alfalfa. Over 300 varieties of produce, much of it part of experiments on disease, pests and growing techniques.

New mental health crisis triage center opens Monday in Richland – Lourdes Counseling Center in Richland opens its new Transitions facility Monday. Transitions will be the Tri-Cities’ only mental health crisis triage facility, and officials say it’s a much-needed addition that will help fill a gap in the care for people with mental illness.

Bus tour highlights Portland’s dirty underbelly and hopes for a sustainable future – Portlanders are proud of their city’s environmental pedigree. But under the green veneer lies a legacy of pollution that continues to have an impact throughout the city. In an unusual bus tour Sunday afternoon, nonprofits Groundwork Portland and Know Your City called attention to “The Dirty Side of Portland,” where contaminants have made certain areas dangerous to the public’s health.


ELGL Midwest

How Cities Are Solving Their Pension Problems – and the Bill That Makes It Easier – There’s a saying among those who analyze public sector pension systems: “Pension don’t get funded – they get underfunded.” That is certainly true around Michigan.

Transit deserts don’t serve workers, study says – About 1 out of every 10 people in Cook County, roughly 438,500 residents, live in “transit deserts” that are cut off from fast, frequent train and bus service, according to a new analysis.

Chicago water declared safe after testing prompted by Ohio toxins –  An overnight test of Lake Michigan water samples showed none of the toxins found in Toledo, Ohio, water that officials over the weekend deemed unsafe to drink.


ELGL Southeast

Duke is No. 1 best landscaped college on the East Coast – Duke University is the No. 1 best landscaped college on the East Coast and UNC-Chapel Hill is No. 9, according to lawn care blog LawnStarter.

SC tax holiday draws bigger crowds, York County merchants say – Merchants in York County said the three-day South Carolina sales tax holiday that wrapped up Sunday brought in more business than last year – largely because North Carolina discontinued its tax-free weekend.

Durham is No. 21 among 290 cities for public transit use – Durham is No. 21 among U.S. cities for its use of public transit, according to ridership data from the National Transit Database.


ELGL Southwest

All eyes on Dallas’ domestic violence squad with high expectations – A Dallas police unit once known as a “hell hole” within the department has just about shaken off its bad reputation.

Wendy Davis looks to run up vote totals in Dallas County – Wendy Davis knows she’s going to win Dallas County. Democrats have won every countywide race since 2004, gained a supermajority in the Commissioners Court and become a model for other parts of Texas that the party hopes to turn blue.

Austin company leads Medicaid fraud crackdown – Medicaid fraud is a multibillion dollar scam, and a new computer system hopes to help spot the crooks.


Social Media & Technology

Rebooting YouTube – When Susan Wojcicki took over YouTube in February, she received almost as much unsolicited advice as there are YouTube videos. One open letter not-so-subtly pleaded with Wojcicki, “So please, I’m begging you, please, please, please, don’t f*** it up.” 

EBay Is Running Its Own Sociology Experiments – For e-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay, personalization is the name of the game. We live in an age where Internet pages are increasingly customized to individual users, all in the name of maximizing potential advertising or product revenue. EBay has been one of the companies at the forefront of this practice.

This Black Sponge Isn’t Dirty, It’s Making Cheap, Solar-Powered Drinking Water – A new sponge-like system could be an alternative to expensive water desalination plants.


Politics, Politics

The Grifting Wing v. The Governing Wing – While the Tea Party is busy lining their pockets, the rest of the Republicans are actually trying to get things done.

Nixon Is Gone, but His Media Strategy Lives On – Forty years after Watergate, presidential suspicion of reporters and attempts to keep the press at arm’s length remain high.

President Obama’s Whitewashed History of U.S. Torture – The Bush administration’s interrogation policy cannot be written off as a panicked aberration that ended in the immediate aftermath of 9/11.

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