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08.06.12 Your Morning Buzz

Posted on August 6, 2012

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A Clockwork Orange

RSVP: ELGL Forum with Bob Moore, founder of Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods – The event will be held at Bob’s Red Mill corporate headquarters in Milwaukie (13521 SE Pheasant Ct., Milwaukie, OR  97222) on August 8th. Please note, this is a different location than the store. The event will begin at 11:45 am and last until 1pm. For those who are able to stay longer, a tour of the Bob’s Red Mill facility will begin at 1pm.

Wanted: Community members for Metro’s review committee – Interested in improving how Metro involves the public? Apply for the Public Engagement Review Comm by Aug 24.

Yakima residents can take council’s citizen survey online – Yakima residents who missed out on a formal citizen survey will have a chance to take an online version.



Jobs Report: Governments Cut 9K Jobs in July – Public sector employment continued to shrink in July, with governments shedding a combined 9,000 jobs for the month.



Band Of Horses

What Does Caffeine Really Do To Your Brain? I recently stopped drinking coffee. Yeah, I know, why would anybody do that? For me it was a combination of health-related reasons, and overall I can say I’m happy I did.  If you had asked me a few days after I kicked it, though, I would have told you it was one of the dumbest things I ever even thought of doing – that is, if my head stopped pounding long enough to answer you in a complete sentence.

What Men Should Wear to Work – “It’s vitally important, if you’re starting out, to dress for the position that you’d like to have in five years,” says Jack Essig, senior vice president, publishing director, chief marketing officer.


Inside the UGB

Blood donation by Angelos Ntinas, via Behance


Outside the UGB

Bicycle by Eleanor Grosch


The Social Network

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Facebook for Business: 10 Tips to Rock Your Brand! It’s not news that the noise on the social platforms is getting louder. It’s becoming harder to stand out from the crowd. Many Facebook pages are finding themselves at a social table for one with little conversation going on despite all those “likes” they begged for in the early days.

How Reebok streamlined 350+ social media accounts to a handful – By working with the social media sites themselves and its own branches all over the world, Reebok managed to consolidate its social media presence into just a handful of pages that use targeting features to zero in on the audiences it’s aiming to reach.

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