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08.11.12 Your Saturday Post

Posted on August 11, 2012

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Romney Picks Paul Ryan of Wisconsin

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ELGL Willamette Valley Meeting – ELGL Willamette Valley would like to announce this month’s meeting scheduled for the 16th from 12:00-1:30 p.m. The City of Veneta will be hosting and Ric Ingham, City Administrator for the past 8.5 years, will be presenting on Urban Renewal and the City of Veneta’s experiences.

ELGL Central Oregon Event: Transforming Government – Bend Police Chief Jeff Sale and Lieutenant Chris Carney will discuss how government can no longer afford to operate in status quo mode.  They will use the Bend Police Departments current transformation as an example of how the lack of funding and ever increasing costs are forcing these changes.

Poll: Better Off? – Are you better off today than you were four years ago? Ronald Reagan’s famous question to voters in his 1980 campaign now looms over the 2012 presidential election.



Bikers, Walkers Need Cities to Protect Them – Without laws protecting bikers and walkers, the goal of having truly livable cities in America remains out of reach.

Stop the Presses – The Oregonian may not be a daily newspaper much longer.The Oregonian as a daily newspaper is facing a final deadline. The 162-year-old newspaper—once considered one of the nation’s best—is losing readers and advertisers.

What the Big Dig says about how Romney would lead U.S. – Boston project is case study of ex-governor’s management style.



Why Many CEOs Can’t Build Legacies Anymore – The success criteria for today’s corporate leaders are shifting. Executives no longer have the time necessary to develop the leadership skills for long-term.

The Top 25 Companies For Work-Life Balance – Juggling life in the office and life at home is a trying task—and it became even more challenging during the recession when employees were expected to work longer and harder. But even as things improve, balancing your family and career is no easy feat.

The leadership challenge, 25 years later – Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner began researching and quantifying the study of leadership in 1982, and the first edition of The Leadership Challenge arrived in 1987. Since then, through their ongoing studies and thousands of conversations with leaders of all types, they’ve accumulated decades of knowledge about the practice and refined the application of theirFive Practices of Exemplary Leadership.


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Funny Flyers #4


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This is your brain on the Internet – Our love for glowing rectangles has completely transformed how we relate to the physical world.

To Pinterest or not to Pinterest? That is the question – That I don’t understand the purpose of Pinterest — the social network where people share images of things they like — shouldn’t be construed as a judgment on its value as a social tool. There are a lot of things I don’t get, like Ethiopian food,NASCAR, or watching golf on TV. Some things just aren’t meant for me.

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