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08.24.12 Your Morning Buzz

Posted on August 24, 2012

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ELGL Forum with Charlie Hales, Portland Mayoral Candidate – Please join us on Thursday, September 13 at noon for an ELGL forum with Charlie Hales, Portland mayoral candidate.

Garbage Service Information Request – Veneta is seeking examples of RFPs for waste removal service.  If you have a recent example (within ten years) please send them to Chris Workman, City of Veneta.

Poll: Are You a True Oregonian? How would you answer this answer? The question has become a topic of conversation after Metro announced results from their latest Opt In survey.

ELGL Poll: Will Missouri Senate Candidate Drop Out? What do you think?

Hillsboro Baseball Team Name – They’re looking for your help in suggesting the perfect name! Submit your idea and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a prize pack including a pair of 2013 Season Tickets.

Attend an Open House this September – The needs and concerns of Oregon citizens are a key driver of the Oregon Passenger Rail study. Six scoping open houses are being held in the study area to give you an opportunity to learn more about this project and to help identify issues and a range of passenger rail route alternatives.  Your input is important to us!


Who Has the Right to Preserve a City’s Past? As an out-of-towner applies for historic designation, a city considers changing its rules on preservation.

America’s Best Cities For Millennials – Listen up if you’re between the ages of 18 and 29, because you gotta move to these cities boys and girls.

U.S. Judge Gives Poker a Break – A federal judge concluded this week that skill plays a bigger role than luck in determining who wins a poker game, a ruling that might strengthen the hand of companies trying to get online poker legalized in the U.S.

Upstate Town Rebounds From Storm – Prattsville, N.Y, has largely rebounded since last year’s Tropical Storm Irene, which washed away homes and businesses. But challenges still abound in a town that was the unlikely epicenter of a tropical storm.

Call to Stiffen Laws Worries Town Built by Guns – As recent mass shootings have galvanized advocates of tougher gun laws in Albany, Remington has made it clear that such laws could prompt it to leave Ilion, N.Y.


Recruiting Tactic: Selling Your Company Culture – It’s been well established in recent years that company culture can be a major boon to recruiting efforts given the right circumstances. Stories about the eccentric and light-hearted atmosphere of tech startups like Google helped draw in some of the talented young prospects who were disillusioned with the restrictive culture of Corporate America.

What’s a great boss worth? We all know the old saying: People don’t quit bad jobs, they quit bad bosses. But how much is a good boss really worth?

How to Realistically Achieve Work-Life Balance – Balance is hard. Imagine walking on a tight-rope for 18 hours a day; it’s just not possible. So you need to re-frame what work-life balance actually means, and how you will achieve it realistically within your own life and career.

Start Sending Smart Emails at Work – There are plenty of email pitfalls of which we’ve all been guilty. At work, this can be dangerous, and can even cost you your job if you’re not careful. Use these tips to make sure you remain professional via email at all times.

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Facebook Releases New, Faster iOS App – Facebook issued a massive update to its iOS app Thursday, with app version 5.0. Facebook describes the app as being “rebuilt so it’s faster and easier to use.”

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