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Posted on September 19, 2012

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Clackamas County anti-rail measure passes comfortably; effect could resonate for decades



The Case for Keeping Seattle’s Streets Messy – Let’s stop talking about how to “fix the grid” and recognize what we have.

HOW MUCH PRIVATIZATION OF CITY SERVICES IS BEST? How much privatization is good for cities in this recession-strapped century?  Have any cities found it costbeneficial or cost-efficient to load up on contracts to perform city services? 

Solving Gen Y’s Passion Problem – One of the best-known books about my cohort, for instance, is titled Generation Me. The New York Post called us “The Worst Generation,” while USA Today noted that we are “pampered” and “high maintenance.” Earlier this year, a New York Times op-ed called us “Generation Why Bother,” noting that we’re “perhaps…too happy at home checking Facebook,” when we could be out aggressively seeking new jobs and helping the economy recover. The fact that up to a third of 25-34 year-olds now live with their parents only supports these gripes.

“Shout Out” to Youth About Local Civics and Careers in City Government – Young people typically learn little about city government in middle or high school. They are probably unfamiliar with the roles and responsibilities of local officials and staff, and they may never have considered future employment opportunities or careers in local government.


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A Conversation with Jefferson Smith –  Our third meeting for the busy month of September will be with Jefferson Smith – City of Portland Mayoral Candidate. This event will take place on September 28th at noon. Our meeting will be brown bag so please feel free to bring your lunch.

On-line budget survey seeks Seattle’s input on priorities – The Seattle City Council Budget Committee today launched an on-line survey asking residents for their priorities and opinions on city services as next week it begins its review of the 2013-2014 City budget. The survey is available here.

City of Tualatin – Come to the Transportation Summit on September 20th!  The summit is your chance to review all of the transportation improvement ideas, see how suggested projects impact travel through the City, and suggest changes.

Noon Wednesday: Chat with Oregonian editorial board members about tax reform – Join the conversation about Oregon’s tax code with editorial board members Mark Hester and Erik Lukens during a live chat below at noon, Wednesday.


11 Surprising Ways to Hurt Your Career – While most career advice focuses on how to succeed, we can all learn valuable lessons by dissecting career failure as well. Workplace experts offer insights into some of the top ways workers undermine their own careers and jeopardize their career development.

Leadership is a walk in the dark – Leadership is a walk in the dark. Leaders are expected to chart a course into the future and get people there. History can provide partial lessons, but an indispensable quality is to be able to figure out what the right decision is for the time.

How to Follow Up on Job Applications Without Stalking – Most job seekers do not follow up after they hit the “submit” button on a job application. By following up at the right time and with an appropriate message, you differentiate yourself from the competition.

How to Keep Your Audience Focused on Your Presentation – Here are nine practical tips to help you deliver engaging presentations that will keep the audience focused on your message.

Three Ways to Lose Your Audience – You probably have your own list of things presenters do that cause you to check out. I encourage you to share them in the comments so we can all learn from each other (or at least enjoy a good rant.)

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Twitter redesign aims: More control, bigger bottom line – With the “mobile first” strategy it unveiled today, Twitter achieved two key goals: creating a look and feel that more than ever resembles Facebook’s, and asserting new dominance over users’ Twitter experience.

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