Posted on October 27, 2014

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Ben and his brother are halfway across the country on their road trip from Oregon to North Carolina (follow along on Twitter with the #PDXtoRDU hashtag), yesterday they stopped at Mt. Rushmore so today’s buzz is all about the national memorial. Stories include Kay Hagan’s near perfect campaign, converting garbage to jet fuel and overhauling the Sacramento city charter.

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High Five

Kay Hagan Has Run a ‘Perfect’ Campaign—She Could Lose Anyway – The North Carolina Democratic senator hopes a clever operation can outweigh an awful national climate.

Bangor city manager flags City Council members – Bangor City Council members may get a few lessons from the Michigan Municipal League on improving their working relationship with city administrators.

Judge’s Ruling Nears on Detroit’s Debt-Cutting Plan – A federal judge in Detroit is expected to hear closing arguments starting Monday morning in the trial concerning the city’s proposed restructuring plan to trim $7 billion from its $18 billion in long-term obligations.

Waste will not be converted to jet fuel, city councils say – A joint session was held Tuesday night between Bloomington and Normal city councils to discuss an agreement with Paradigm BioAviation that would turn Bloomington-Normal municipal waste into jet fuel.

Sacramento city charter should not be overhauled without good cause – With most local media seemingly preoccupied with the political “horse race” of Measure L (the jumbo contributors, the competition for endorsements, etc.), Eye on Sacramento decided to assess its likely impacts.

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50 Nifty

Cities and Counties Paying More for Salt this Winter – Minnesota cities preparing for winter snow are paying more for salt as the country experiences a salt shortage, according to Minnesota Public Radio News.

Construction of Vestavia Hills’ new City Hall Complex well underway – Construction of Vestavia Hills’ new, 57,000 square-foot City Hall Complex is well underway. Earlier this week, The City shared pictures of the work progress on its Facebook page that depict a “solid” foundation for the building as well as the beginnings of other structural components.

Most Casper Council challengers want city manager evaluated, not terminate – Casper City Council challengers say they want more accountability of the city manager’s actions, but many laid as much blame at the feet of current Council members for not conducting annual evaluations.



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ELGL Northwest

City responds to Comp Plan concerns – Portland planners admit that some residents are concerned the City Council will update the Comprehensive Plan before the zoning details are known.

City voters asked to decriminalize pot – Voters in Port Huron will decide if they want to amend the city charter to allow residents old than 21 to possess up to an ounce of recreational marijuana.

Power outages: Thousands in Oregon still in the dark after Saturday’s storm – Crews worked overnight and into Sunday afternoon to restore power for the majority of those affected by toppled trees and downed power lines after Saturday’s winds, but more than 17,800 Portland General Electric and Pacific Power customers in Oregon and Northern California remain in the dark.


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ELGL Midwest

Liberian immigrant seeks to lead Minnesota’s most diverse suburb – Mike Elliott is running for mayor of Brooklyn Center. He’s 31, a local kid and a political newcomer. If he’s successful in his bid against incumbent Mayor Tim Willson, he will also be the majority-minority city’s first Liberian immigrant to hold the office.

Future of city fire stations still under review – City of Holland leaders should have more information about the future of the Kollen Park Fire Station property — and possible new locations for it — by the end of year.

Wichita’s proposed 1-cent sales tax – Wichitans will vote on whether to start a city sales tax next week. The tax would be 1 cent on every dollar spent, or 1 percent of purchases on most things people buy.


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ELGL Southeast

How the closing of Tent City is changing lives – Gone are the makeshift buildings, the tents in varying degree of disrepair, the rickety table that served as a kitchen. The ground at what was once Tent City is smooth. Soon, a fence will surround the perimeter. No trespassing signs abound.

Number of homeless children set to outpace last year – Tiana Jackson didn’t have to put her kids on the school bus in front of a homeless shelter when the fall semester started this year.

Children learn to cast ballots at family voting celebration in Durham – Dayzee Reid-Wolfe elbowed her way up to a ballot box at the Durham County public library on Saturday, excited about her first time voting.


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ELGL Southwest

Austin’s airport uses WiFi to gauge how long you’ll wait in security lines – If you’re a frequent flyer, you’ve probably panicked after realizing that a long security line could make you miss your flight. You might not have reason to worry at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, though, since the travel hub is now taking advantage of Passpoint roaming on Boingo’s WiFi networks to estimate security line wait times.

What part of drought don’t San Antonians understand? – Our neighbors believe we are water hogs — wallowing in their lifeblood to feed our desire for unrestrained growth. Not entirely true, of course (I’ll get back to that “not entirely” in a sec). But perception, as they say, can be everything.

Police-brutality protest ends with clash with Phoenix PD – A protest against police brutality Saturday night in downtown Phoenix ended with a clash with officers, the arrest of six protesters and the discharge of pepper-spray balls, officials said.


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Social Media & Technology

Vintage Halloween Cards – Celebrate the upcoming holiday with these fun post cards from the 1910s.

Hate Speech Is Drowning Reddit and No One Can Stop It – A persistent, organized and particularly hateful strain of racism has emerged on the site. Enabled by Reddit’s system and permitted thanks to its fervent stance against any censorship, it has proven capable of overwhelming the site’s volunteer moderators and rendering entire subreddits unusable.

Bill Murray Wears a Bear Hat in His Weird NFL Intro Spot – For Sunday’s NFL intro spot, he combined his talents as an actor, a comedian and wearer of bear hats to introduce the Atlanta Falcons versus the Detroit Lions game that took place in London.

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