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Posted on October 29, 2012

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The Largest Preemptive Public Transportation Shutdown Ever – As Sandy bears down on the East Coast, some of the biggest cities in America come to a virtual standstill.

Can Austin Keep Itself Weird? Among other things, the Armstrong debacle is a cautionary tale for Austin, one of America’s most beloved cities which I call home. His rise has paralleled the city’s ascent from sleepy state capital to international trendsetter. Each year, millions visit for the city’s music festivals. Its economy has thrived during difficult times.

What Really Happens When a City Makes Its Transit System Free? Turns out there is such a thing as a free ride. 

What’s the True Cost of Incorporation? Texas master-planned community The Woodlands still isn’t interested in becoming a city, and they have a strong case. 

Detroit, a city still on the rebound, hosts World Series – When the Series returns to Detroit Saturday for Game 3, TV viewers will get a glimpse of a vibrant downtown, including Comerica, the General Motors towers, popular restaurants and flashy casinos.

New city manager touts Cupertino’s diversity, community engagement – Brandt is coming off a three-year stint managing Redmond, Ore., a blue-collar town not far from Bend with a population roughly half that of Cupertino and a vastly different culture.

Are Utilities Ready for Hurricane Sandy? Jurisdictions lining the mid-to-upper Atlantic coastline are joining forces with critical infrastructure businesses to prep for what may become a humongous storm.

It Isn’t Just About the Basketball – Small Businesses Near the Nets’ New Home in Brooklyn See Potential Benefits and Detriments; ‘Money Brings Money’


The Fiscal Cliff

Inside Portlandia

Outside Portlandia

Get Involved

RSVP: Spend Your Halloween with Adam Davis, DHM Research – Please join us on October 31 for a conversation with Adam Davis, DHM Research at the Tualatin Library Community Room (18878 SW Martinazzi Avenue, Tualatin, OR 97062). To RSVP, send an email by October 29th to ELGL project coordinator, Megan Messmer – [email protected]

Extending an invitation to state workers – I’m on a mission. I want to learn everything possible about state workers. My assignment from the Statesman Journal is to write about state workers, their salaries, their pensions, their benefits, their unions, their jobs.

City is Seeking Your Input – From September 1 through October 31, 2012, Tigard residents can suggest a project for possible inclusion in a future Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).


The Workplace

Mindfulness Helps You Become a Better Leader – Ever since the financial crisis of 2008, I have sensed from many leaders that they want to do a better job of leading in accordance with their personal values. The crisis exposed the fallacies of measuring success in monetary terms and left many leaders with a deep feeling of unease that they were being pulled away from what I call their True North.

Job interview blunders to avoid at all costs – I tapped my super-savvy professional network for anecdotes and advice. Some of these reasons are specific to digital, some are common-sense faux pas you should avoid, and some are just plain stupid. Almost all are really entertaining.

The XX Factor: What’s Holding Women Back? A Wall Street Journal task force of business, government and academic leaders set out to confront obstacles that keep women from participating fully in the economy. Here are their recommendations.

Great Ideas Bosses Never Hear – Employees have a lot to say, but their managers rarely hear it. How companies can benefit more from ideas that originate on the front lines.


The Social Network

 Givers Take to Social Media to Find Causes – Cara Hafferty was skimming Twitter about a year ago when a tweet from SmallCanBeBig.org, a Boston charity, caught her eye. It described a local family who had fallen behind on rent because of an illness and lost wages. To get back on their feet, they needed about $1,500.

12 tips for using Twitter as a customer service tool – Here are a number of ways and examples to improve your customer service efforts on Twitter.

7 common pitfalls of encouraging your boss to join social media – Readers asked several pertinent questions after my column, “8 ways to persuade your boss to embrace social media.” Here’s one of those questions, and the answer.

82 percent of PR pros want a standard measurement tool for social media – The Public Relations Global Network has released the results of its 20th anniversary survey, and social media was clearly on the brain. The group set out to find what effect social media is having on PR.

Snap, Tweet, Share: Our Readers’ Sandy Photos – View the Frankenstorm through the lenses of people up and down the U.S. East Coast, and share your photos with us on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #stormwsj

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