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Posted on October 31, 2012

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The do’s and don’ts of Halloween at the office

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Halloween costume!

Renegade Clackamas water district board members stage takeover – Two renegade members of the troubled Clackamas River Water District board today called a meeting, appointed two new members, fired the district’s attorney and placed the general manager on administrative leave.

The 2011 Report That Predicted New York’s Subway Flooding Disaster – Climate scientists saw this coming, and their estimates on service restoration are no more encouraging.

These Unbelievable Pictures of Sandy’s Destruction Are Actually Real  – There are plenty of fake photos floating around this morning, but these images aren’t lying.

Why You Should Text, Not Call to Check on Loved Ones Post-Sandy – FEMA and cell phone carriers are encouraging customers to use SMS.

City of Pacific prepares to disincorporate – The city council of Pacific and Mayor Cy Sun are preparing for disincorporation. That means getting a measure on the ballot for the February 12, 2013 election.

‘Where’ Matters: Shaping Public Services for the Mobile Citizen – Advertisers aren’t the only ones that can benefit from mobile devices’ location-based services. The technology gives government an opportunity to deliver public services in remarkable new ways.

Mayor’s job now full time in Prosser – After five years as an elected part-time mayor, delegating day-to-day operations to a hired city administrator, Warden will take the reins of the city of Prosser full time starting Nov. 12 and be paid a full-time salary of $64,000 per year plus benefits.


The Fiscal Cliff

Dwight Schrute Halloween costume

Benton County faces $2.7M shortfall

Oakland’s fiscal good (somewhat) news

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich warns layoffs will cost Los Angeles more money

City streets to see less maintenance

Vancouver works to save fire, police jobs


Inside Portlandia

Portland officials reject less than 3 percent of fluoride signatures

Results of two new public opinion surveys

Beaverton postpones Peterkort vote

Damascus resident’s “off with their heads” comment leads to 6-month ban, lawsuit

Forest Grove’s Lincoln Park grows by 3 acres after city land purchase

In final forum, all four candidates for Clackamas County board voice support for districting

Outside Portlandia

Halloween costume

Oregon CIO’s Exit Interview

Poll: Race For Labor Commissioner Wide Open

GUEST VIEWPOINT: Timber policy is just a matter of economics

County commissioners vote to lower their annual raises

Master trail plan could benefit Yakima, residents — if funds can be found

Pacific will have city clerk again, but its future remains uncertain

Study: Garbage rate hike justified

Silverton development director takes state job

Get Involved

RSVP: Spend Your Halloween with Adam Davis, DHM Research
 – Please join us on October 31 for a conversation with Adam Davis, DHM Research at the Tualatin Library Community Room (18878 SW Martinazzi Avenue, Tualatin, OR 97062). To RSVP, send an email by October 29th to ELGL project coordinator, Megan Messmer – [email protected]

City of Vancouver seeks applicants for City vacancy on Portland International Airport (PDX) Citizen Noise Advisory Committee.

Central City 2035: West Quadrant Plan Stakeholder Advisory Committee Being Formed – The City of Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) is accepting applications through Thursday, November 15, 2012, for positions on the Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) for the Central City 2035 West Quadrant Plan (WQP).


The Workplace

Zappos: 5 Out-of-the-Box Ideas for Keeping Employees Engaged – One of the challenges in workplaces today is keeping employees engaged. In the Zappos Family of Companies, the culture enables employees to live and work according to their personal values.

Do You Have ‘Executive Presence’? Do you have it? Can you command the room? Do people stop and listen when you speak? If so, you have likely mastered the illusive art of “executive presence,” a term that’s been buzzing around leadership circles recently. If not, you may be in for a rude awakening.

The Worst Interview-Day Disasters (and How to Avoid Them) – By properly preparing for an interview—doing your research, waking up early, dressing appropriately—you should walk out your door the morning of feeling unstoppable. But what happens when you hit a snag en route?

How Treating Your Employees Like Turtles Can Smother Innovation – What do turtles have to do with innovation? Not much, we thought, until we ran across a retail manager at a big box store in San Diego during the course of our research and clinical work for Judgment on the Front Line. That manager pulled us aside to explain that most employees–particularly those at the bottom of the hierarchy who serviced customers–were treated like turtles at many companies.

On culture: The 5 questions you need to ask your next employer – This Summer, I was fortunate enough to be able to relax and thoughtfully enter the next phase of my working life. For the first time in my life, I could take the next step in my career on my terms.

The 10-Day Challenge: How to Transform the Quality of Your Life, Starting Today – Today, let’s take a look at how you can transform the quality of your entire life simply by becoming conscious of what habitual vocabulary you use for negative emotions, and shifting them with words that break your patterns and provide you with new and better emotional choices.

The Strange Science Of Translating Sarcasm Online – Since the dawn of email, using sarcasm in digital communication has created strife and confusion between friends, colleagues and romantic partners. Sarcasm, after all, is best conveyed using tone of voice, a wink or a nudge.


The Social Network

Has Social Media Turned You into a Zombie? [INFOGRAPHIC] – Social media is great — it lets us have digital fun with friends, connects us with new people and quickly learn about the world beyond our backlit screens. With so much interesting content, sometimes it gets a little hard to peel our eyes and brains away from our tablets, laptops and smartphones.

Can Social Media Really Boost Voter Turnout? This year’s election features two candidates with vested interests in social media. If you wish to encourage their constituencies to vote, consider sharing these digital tools for what’s already shaping up to be a close race. Here’s a rundown of how voters can get involved and get out the vote.

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