10 Questions with ELGL Advisory Board Member Mark Stotik

Posted on January 9, 2013

With the beginning of a new year, comes the beginning of a new feature which will introduce you to the ELGL Advisory Board. Our first member featured was Ben Bryant, City of Tualatin. Today we introduce you to another ELGL leader Mark Stotik. Mark is a familiar name and face to many of us through his work at Clackamas County and his leadership in ELGL. Mark has volunteered to organize ELGL events including the recent forum with Oregon AFSCME and has been instrumental in increasing county participation with ELGL.

Mark Stotik

Clackamas County

Labor and Employee Relations Manager

Most rewarding professional experience:

My time as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Paraguay

Newspaper headline for your retirement:

Hopefully there will not be one (a newspaper headline that is: I do hope to retire)

Local government issue that isn’t being talked about enough:

What are the core services that local government should provide in an era of expanding need and shirking budgets

Your mentors:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KZ__vV2sFg&w=420&h=315]

  • Jane McAlevey
  • Nancy Drury
  • Peggy O’Hara

Your vision for ELGL:

 A community of mentoring & learning, and a forum to exchange ideas

Beside the ELGL Advisory Board, what other board of directors would you like to be on?

 Amnesty International

Dream job:

Where I learn new things, am challenged, work with smart and dedicated people, make a meaningful contribution, and get time off to travel; after that the tasks I would do seem less important

Your happy place (place you go when you need to get away):

A good book or planning my next trip

Goals for 2013:      

 Learn new things and travel to someplace where I have not yet been.

Your life will be fulfilled if………..

I can look back on it and be at peace with how I lived my life

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