Posted on November 17, 2014

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The latest local government news you need to know about from the successes of public-owned broadband and a better way to hire police officers to the DEA raiding NFL locker rooms and an opinion about a proposed Denver residency requirement. Get caught up on all your news with a side of nerdy Harry Potter gifts.

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Federal drug agents launch surprise inspections of NFL teams following games – As a part of an investigation into the use of prescription drugs in the National Football League several visiting teams were surprised with visits from the DEA. The investigation was spurred in part by the class action lawsuit filed against the league by 1300 retired players.

Success in public-owned broadband: It’s about Main St., not Wall St. – Critics of public-owned broadband will say both that government is an unfair competitor in the broadband market place and that government cannot successfully run a broadband service. But which is it? Based on the goals the communities that implemented public broadband set beforehand, many public-owned broadband services have been wildly successful.

 The Reluctant Suburbanite, or Why San Francisco Doesn’t Always Work – An interesting read about one person’s experience succumbing to suburban living despite a willingness and desire to live in downtown San Francisco, CA. The commute to a job in Silicon Valley and the demands of a promotion ended in moving to the suburbs.

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  3. Justin Cutler, Sunset Empire Parks and Rec and Ken Warner, City of West Linn
  4. Writing with Russ: Is Passive Voice Evil?

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  • A better way to hire police officers? – Law enforcement officials from more than a dozen metro-area communities began meeting this fall as part of a Capitol Crossroads subcommittee tasked with finding ways to cut costs and end duplication of some procedures. Capitol Crossroads is a regional planning effort to further growth and prosperity in central Iowa.
  • Grand Rapids looks to share ‘big data’ – Governments — even small, local governments — do more than collect taxes and write laws. They gather volumes and volumes of information, much of which is public. Now, the City of Grand Rapids is looking at ways to get that information to the people.
  • In Ferguson, Tactics Set for Grand Jury Decision in Michael Brown Case – Several dozen people gathered in a dim church basement here on Thursday night to share plans for what to do if a grand jury chooses not to indict the white police officer who shot Michael Brown, an unarmed black youth, three months ago.
  • Cathy Stanton leaves legacy of service in Beaverton – Beaverton lost a strong community leader early Sunday morning with the death of Cathy Stanton. Stanton served on the Beaverton City Council for 19 years, stepping down from her position at the end of 2012, when she chose not to seek re-election.
  • Town That Thrived on Logging Is Looking for a Second Growth – A half-century ago, when President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the tenets of the Great Society into law, Sweet Home, in a little valley in west-central Oregon, would have been among the last places that a do-gooder would worry about. Now, as in too many places around the country, the old jobs are long gone, the food bank has a more secure future than remaining industrial jobs, and the town is full of people looking for second or third acts without much of a script to guide them.
  • Bellingham approves plan for new waterfront park – When fully developed, the city’s newest waterfront park would have three beaches for water access; a large, open lawn; children’s play area; a viewing hill; a coffee shop or cafe and 250 parking spaces.
  • Raleigh, Cary look to improve rail corridor before transit arrives – In West Raleigh and eastern Cary, government planners are laying the groundwork for the development and traffic that may accompany a string of proposed passenger rail stations.
  • Southwest Portland neighbors want Comp Plan approval delayed – Southwest Portland residents are continuing to push for a delay in the scheduled votes on the update of the Comprehensive Plan that will guide development in Portland for the next 20 years.
  • Remember that city and schools are better than their news stories – Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that real life is not as nutty as the news. And thank goodness for that. Otherwise, after the news last week, we might be giving up on both Dallas City Hall and the school administration building.

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