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Posted on December 24, 2011

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ELGL January Meetings

January 12 – Patrick Quinton, Executive Director for the Portland Development Commission

11:45 am @ PDC Commission Room (1st floor) – 222 NW 5th Avenue, Portland

January 25 – Sarah Mensah, COO of the Portland Trail Blazers

12:00 pm @ The Rose Garden, Room TBA

January TBA – Rob Cornilles


Rob Cornilles Campaign Agrees to ELGL Lunch Forum; Bonamici Declines

About Rob

In 1995, out of a spare bedroom in their house and using funds from their savings account, Rob and his wife Allison started a Tualatin-based business called Game Face Inc, which advises professional sports franchises on how to better serve their fans and customers. Rob turned his idea into one of the most influential consulting and executive training firms in the sports industry – worldwide. Game Face excels at helping organizations (including those in traditional industries like manufacturing, retail, professional services, etc) maximize their potential and bring measurable results to customers and clients.

Rob and Allison specifically chose to launch Game Face in Tualatin because of their love for their home state and the desire to raise a family here. Many in the sports industry questioned why he would headquarter his business in a state with so few professional sports franchises. Despite the fact that the majority of his clients are east of the Mississippi, Rob turned Game Face into a huge success, employing over 60 Oregonians in the process and bringing industry executives to Portland to enjoy the Oregon experience. Rob is running for Congress because he wants to ensure that other small business owners and entrepreneurs will be able to build successful companies here in Oregon.


OPB Think Out Loud

From OPB Think Out Loud:

We’ve been taking a bit of time this week to look back at the year that is coming to a close. We started with a look at the top environmental stories in 2011 — from fish to forests to energy. We then talked with a few other OPB reporters about the biggest stories they’d covered generally — from local Occupy protests to the big death penalty news to the passing of one of the most revered Oregon statesman, Senator Mark Hatfield. And we brought back some of our favorite cultural commentators to give us their takes on the best music, film and food of the year.

We thought for our last show we’d go long and wide, and check in with a broad assortment of some of the most interesting and influential people who’ve been guests on our show this year. We’ll ask them what’s changed since we last spoke, how the stories they are connected to may have developed and what they’re looking forward to in the coming year.

Tom Potiowsky: PSU economics professor and former Oregon state economist. Tom is part of the ELGL 2012 Speaker and Issue Series.

Barbara Roberts: Former Governor of Oregon and current Metro councilmember. She’ll speak with ELGL in July. 

Listen to the show: http://www.opb.org/thinkoutloud/shows/voices-2011/


Job Postings in Washington State

Job Title: Economic Development Researcher , WA State Department of Commerce


Job Title: Fiscal Technician 2, WA Department of Transportation


Job Title: Capital Projects Communications Lead, Seattle Department of Transportation


In the Headlines

Realtors are bankrolling a measure to ban transfer taxes—and further tie the hands of local government.


Looking Up, Detroit Faces a New Crisis


Multnomah County Officials Demand More Accountability and Put the Nonprofit on Notice


Newly annexed Milwaukie residents without neighborhood organization


Mark Fagin announces campaign for Beaverton City Council


Tacoma labor leader chastizes interim city manager over job cuts


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