1984 with Michelle Daniels, City of Henderson, NC

Posted on February 4, 2015

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Report: Glass Ceiling Still Strong in Local Government

30 years and no change in the percent (13%) of women managers in local government. It’s time for a change. We’re asking you for your perspective and ideas for action. In the next several months, we’ll introduce a series of initiatives to address the 13 percent issue.

Michelle Daniels


City of Henderson, NC — Assistant Finance Director

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Where were you in 1984?

That depends on the exact date; I was born on February 17th.

Describe your view of whether local government has been effective in attracting a diverse workforce (women, minorities, etc.)?

I believe local government has attracted a diverse workforce by the nature of some positions – administrative and cultural service functions primarily; other service areas or promoting the same, not so much. That said, local government could be more effective in their recruiting strategies to increase diversity across more areas.

Wave a magic wand and give us three suggestions for improving diversity in the local government workforce.


  • Develop a mentoring or internship program that specifically targets diversity and assists with job placement after completion.
  • Educate and inform high school and college minorities during college and job fairs, or get them involved in something like a student academy so they are at least gaining awareness before entering college or the workforce.
  • Increase exposure in the community – attend churches, political events and school functions.  Invite people to council/board meetings or host “Government Day” when you’re looking to recruit a certain number of employees or volunteers.

Give us the names of the local government professionals that you look up to.  

  • Maia Setzer
  • Joyce Munro
  • Tansy Hayward
  • Marchell Adams-David
  • Scott Fogleman
  • Elton Daniels

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